Wellness Committee - Event
Heart Healthy Week February 16th - 20th

heart Brown Bag (excercise / heart health)
        Feb 16th, 12 - 1pm CSU 256

heart Cholesterol/ BP checks (postponed to March 5th)

heart Brown Bag (smoking/heart)
        Feb 18th, 12 - 1pm CSU 202

heart Brown Bag (nutrition/heart)
        Feb 19th, 12 - 1pm CSU 203

heart Cholesterol/ BP checks
        March 5th, 8 - 9am CSU 203 (cancelled)

Interactive Heart Disease Risk Calculator

Ten Tips for Eating Heart Healthy

Simple Solutions Heart Calendar

Power of Love - American Heart Association
Send electronic cards, Screensavers

American Heart Month

Heart Attack, Stroke & Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs


Get Going - Walk Your Way To Health
MSU Mavericks
American Heart Association - Fighting Heart Disease and Stroke
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