Wellness Committee

MSU 500 Challenge

March 21st - April 15th, 2005


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Points Worksheet (pdf)

Other Information

Aerobic and Strength Training Information (pdf)

A whole new season for shaping up is upon us.

Start them shoes up!

Get all your equipment (shoes, water-bottles, work-out clothes in order)

Organize your crew team and zoom on out of the pits for the MSU 500 Challenge.

The MSU 500 is a 4 week competition between teams composed of faculty and staff. Individual teams accumulate points by exercising and participating in various activities that the Wellness Committee provides. At the end of the 4-week periods, points are totaled and prizes are awarded.

To sign up, contact Heather at 2068, heather.hampton@mnsu.edu

Teams must consist of at least four "race car drivers" (team members), and each team must choose a "crew chief" (team leader). You will receive an information packet after registering.

checkered flag


winner's circle



winner's circle