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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Lead the Pack - Spring 2011

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February 1st

  • Introduction, What is a Healthy Lifestyle, How to Calculate your BMI
  • **Information on Nutrition Assessments**
  • Weekly Goal: Write down what leading a healthy lifestyle means for you.  Calculate your BMI.

February 8th

  • Nutrition Presentation by Dr. Sue Fredstrom
  • Weekly Goal:

February 15th

  • Tour of the Weight Room, Demonstrations of how to use exercise equipment properly
  • Weekly Goal:

February 22nd

  • Mental and Physical exercises for the Aging Person
  • Weekly Goal: Try one of the mental and/or one of the physical exercises you can do to stay healthy mentally and physically.  Write about them in your notebook.

March 1st

  • Making Healthy Choices in your Daily Life: Eating out on and off campus, simple exercises to do at work or home, stretches to do at work or home
  • Weekly Goal: Make 3 healthy choices this week in your daily life (either eating out, exercises at work or home, stretches at work or home, etc) and write it down in your notebook.
  • Handout (PDF)

March 15th

  • Nutrition: What is a calorie? How to calculate your calorie needs. What is a proper portion size?  How can I read and understand food labels?
  • Weekly goal: Calculate your calorie needs and write it down in your notebook.  Write down what you eat for 2 days.  Take note of your portion sizes and calorie intake.  Write down where you can make improvements!

March 22nd

  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Stress Management/Time Management: What can healthy choices do for my stress?  How to fit healthy choices into my daily schedule?
  • Weekly Goal: Write down what being spiritually healthy means for you and how you can become spiritually healthy if that is something you want.  OR Write down how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.  ALSO write down in your notebook healthy choices you can make to help with stress.  Write down in your calendar where you can fit in time to make healthy choices.