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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Report Smoking on Campus

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Hot Spot Report Form

The purpose of this reporting tool is to report areas of consistent violations of Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Tobacco-Free Policy in an effort to encourage an environment of compliance on campus. The completed report forms will assist in identifying and tracking these areas more closely, providing education on the policy and tobacco cessation resources to individuals observed using tobacco while on campus

Please visit University property map to confirm that the observed violation was on Minnesota State University, Mankato’s property.

Indicate day of observed violators:

Specific time the violation was observed:

Specific location the violations were observed:

What was the status of the violator(s) at the University?

Please indicate the number of violators observed at the location you previously listed:

Did you approach the violator(s) to remind them of the tobacco-free policy and request they dispose of the tobacco product: :

If no, please visit our FAQ’s page for helpful information on if you wish to approach someone who is using tobacco on campus. If yes, did the violator(s) comply with the tobacco-free policy and dispose of the tobacco product? :


What is your status at the University:

Please enter an email address if you would like to receive a follow-up response from the Tobacco- Free Policy Task Force Committee?