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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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  • Accessibilty Resources
  • Accessibilty Resources
  • Accessibilty Resources

Accessibility Resources

We ensure that all students with disabilities have equal access to all opportunities at Minnesota State Mankato. We coordinate accommodations for eligible students and serve as a resource for faculty, staff and the University community in their efforts to assure access for all.


Students with disabilities are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the staff of Accessibility Resources to discuss their needs and develop an accommodation plan.


Students with disabilities are not required to report or identify themselves to Accessibility Resources unless they desire to request academic accommodations of services. All information, correspondence and records are kept confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need accommodations for your disability, you likely have a lot of questions—and we have the answers.

Note to Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants

  • Faculty and Staff who require accommodations for a disability should contact Human Resources
  • Graduate Assistants who need work accommodations for the limitations of a disability should contact Accessibility Resources.
  • Faculty who need assistance with captioning should contact Academic Technology Services
  • Please visit the Faculty section of this website to make sure you comply with accessibility standards.

Temporary Accommodations & Medical Emergencies

Sometimes students become temporarily disabled or ill for periods longer than two weeks and require support from Accessibility Resources.

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