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The Leaders of Tomorrow Program is grounded in the Social Change Model (SCM) of leadership development, which breaks development into three phases or values:

1) Individual Value
2) Group Value
3) Community Value

Our program focuses on the individual and group values of development, thus breaking student participants into two different groups as they move through the program. The groups are as follows:

1) Open Group.
The 'open group' is what we title the group of students who participate in at least six (6) of the eight (8) 'Individual Value' based series events, begining in the fall each year. Upon completion of these six (6) to eight (8) events, students are invited to join and commit themselves to a cohort group for the next academic year.
***Open group sessions will not be offered Spring 2014***

2) Closed Group.
The 'closed group' is what we title the cohort group of students joining us for their second year of leadership development, which focuses on the 'Group Value'. In the fall semester these students learn about the 'group value' within the Social Change Model (SCM) of leadership, and then commit to a service project in the spring, where they can practice all that they have learned.
***Service Project for 2014 Cohort Group is the BIG EVENT***