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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Group Fitness Schedule

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Fall 2017 Group Fitness Classes Schedule

Schedule is valid August 21 - December 6, 2017.

Class lengths are 45-55 minutes.

Class locations are Pennington Hall (PH) 102, Highland North (HN 225), & Highland Center (HC) Pool.

Classes are free for all current students and Otto Recreation Center members.



ABBS focuses on strengthening your Abdominals, Back, Butt/Legs, & then enjoy a designated time to Stretch it all out. 45 min.

Circuit Max utilizes stations of cardio, endurance, & strength based movements to condition your body & break up workout boredom. Intensity may be adjusted by each participant to meet their personal needs. 45 min.

Flow & Restore Yoga focuses on mindful & accessible movement culminating in a sequence of postures that encourage deep relaxation & release. By attuning the mind to the breath & the present moment, you will leave feeling peaceful, balanced, & restored. 45 min.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training is cardio training that involves cycles of high intensity bursts & low to moderate intensity recovery. Class may include core training, intervals of strength training, & Tabata. 55 min.

Intro to Meditation will introduce you to a variety of meditation & relaxation techniques. Class includes preparation for sitting, walking meditation, practice, &, discussion. Feel free to bring your own props, such as a yoga mat, bolster, blanket, meditation bench, etc. *Class meets for two different five week sessions. You can join any class at any time. Some yoga mats are available. *Class meets: Sept. 15-Oct. 13 & Oct. 20-Nov. 17. 45 min.

Outdoor Boot Camp was an eight week class that was scheduled on Mon. and Wed. at 3pm has been CANCELLED due to no attendance.

Shred is a high intensity & endurance based workout. Utilizing a popular 3-2-1 interval & circuit format, you will complete four circuits of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, & 1 minute of core. Class includes a brief warm up and cool down. 35-45 min.

Strength & Condition will strengthen & condition your body with cardio & strength based moves in an interval format with additional core conditioning & stretching. 45 minutes.

Thai Dance is an exciting workout that uses Thai music, intervals of fast & slow rhythms with easy-to-learn dance moves. 55 min.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced yoga form where you hold postures for 1-5 minutes providing a deep release of your connective tissues of the body (ligaments, tendons, & fascia). Class will include meditation & visualization to complement the physical practice. Feel free to bring your own props, such as a yoga mat, bolster, blanket, etc 55 min.

Vinyasa Yoga focuses on patience, balance, & flexibility through a dynamic, flowing practice. This class encourages the use of breath-synchronized movement to create internal heat in the body while practicing poses. 55 min.

Water Warrior is a non-impact water fitness class. Using the water as resistance in both the deep & shallow ends of the pool you will get a total body workout. A valid Mavcard must be used to enter the pool through the Otto Rec Center. No swimming ability required. 55 min.

Yoga for Strength is a flowing style strength based class. Sequences will build strength & flexibility in the body & de-stress the mind. 45 min.

Zumba is an energetic workout that uses Latin music, intervals of fast & slow rhythms with easy-to-learn dance moves to burn some serious calories. 55 min.


In all classes:

  • No experience necessary to join any class at any time in the semester.
  • No registration, just show up to class with clean, non-marking soled shoes.
  • Variations of movements should be offered to increase or decrease the intensity of each class format. Always work at your own pace and limits.
  • Class size may be limited for safety concerns and availability of equipment.
  • For yoga classes, if you have your own yoga mat, bring it; if not, some yoga mats are provided.
  • Please silence all cell phones once class begins to limit disruptions.


Membership Options for Non-students

A Group Fitness ONLY Membership ($25 per semester) or an Otto Recreation Center Membership ($100 per semester or $200 annual) may be purchased only by faculty, staff, alumni, emeritus, spouses of the before mentioned, spouses of students, and donors.  Information about these options are located here.

Questions?, 389-3249 or HC 1410


Program Evaluation

Your input is important to us!  Please take a moment to evaluate our group fitness program and group fitness instructors.  Your feedback will help us discover how well our program is working, where improvements can be made, and help us make decisions about how resources should be applied in the future to better serve your needs and the mission of Campus Recreation.  Each link below will bring you to the specific evaluation.  Evaluations are anonymous.

Group Fitness Program Evaluation

Group Fitness Instructor Evaluation