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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Improve your student engagement, create better student learning outcomes and enhance your teaching career through the programming provided by The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning. The Center also encourages a more informal exchange of ideas among scholars in its warm, welcoming and technologically up-to-date space designed especially for faculty and staff.

Support for Faculty

Professional Learning Communities

Scholars-at-Work Seminars

Book Discussion Groups

Course Design Consultations

Shut Up and Write FridaysP

For more information, contact Jennifer Veltsos or Mary Van Duynhoven

In the News

When I’m happily writing, I feel competent — like I’m doing something that matters. I also feel engaged, and eager to help my students and colleagues as much as I can.

But when I’m struggling with my writing, I feel incompetent and like I’m wasting my time. Suddenly my students and colleagues start to seem unfairly demanding, and I end up either wanting to avoid service obligations entirely or throwing myself into them completely so as to supply myself with good reasons for not writing. I find fault. I complain and feel victimized. In short, when I am stalled in my scholarship, I’m on my way to becoming angry and embittered.

Joli Jensen, "Aiding the Writing-Stalled Professor," Chronicle of Higher Education, July 26, 2017.

Does this sound familiar? Let us help!

  • Shut Up and Write Fridays hosted by The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
  • Workshops and Consultations hosted by The Center for Excellence in Scholarship & Research
  • Valley Writing Workshop hosted by Writing Across the Curriculum