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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Consultant Program

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Students Consulting On Teaching (SCOT) Program

The Students Consulting On Teaching (SCOT) program is dedicated to quality education at Minnesota State Mankato and to providing faculty members with information that helps them have a better sense of what is happening in their classrooms. The program is available to all instructors (new and veteran) at the University. Student consultants respond to professors' invitations to gather data on classroom activities and provide them confidential observation reflections.

The SCOTs are carefully selected and trained Minnesota State Mankato students who are interested in the teaching and learning process. They can serve as excellent resources to faculty members, providing valuable insights to supplement student evaluations and peer reviews. Students are paid for their work.

This program aids instructors by:

Student consultants provide objective perspectives about what is happening in a course because they are not working for a grade.

Student consultants can offer a helpful perspective because they have experienced wide range of college teaching situations and styles.

The SCOT program is a helpful introduction to the further resources available at CETL.

Please register online in the first weeks of Fall or Spring semester or via print copy for this program.

 SCOT Videos:

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Several possibilities are available as instructors consider ways to use SCOT services. These include:

    Recorder/Observer: The student consultant records in writing what went on in the classroom (such as chronology of classroom activities, time spent in questioning, board work, small group discussion, and so on) and gives the record to the instructor. In this case, the student consultant observes and reflects classroom activities.

    Faux Student: The student consultant takes notes as if s/he was a student in the class and returns them to the instructor.

    Interviewer: The instructor leaves the classroom for the last fifteen minutes of class while the SCOT conducts interviews with students to assess how well they are learning and how they perceive the class. The SCOT asks the students to respond verbally and in writing to these questions:

    • What helps your learning in this class?
    • What hinders your learning in this class?
    • What suggestions do you have for this class?

    Primed Student: The SCOT meets with the instructor prior to class for pointers on what to watch for. For example: How often do certain students respond? Why aren’t the students getting involved in the discussion? Are the students asking questions among themselves? What hinders their learning?

    Combination: The SCOT combines some of the above at the request of the requesting instructor.

    Student Consultant: The instructor asks the SCOT consultant for observation reflections on classroom activities or particular learning issues.

Please register online in the first weeks of Fall or Spring semester or via print copy for this program.