Speech Disfluency in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Re: Lea Burnett

From: Kathy Scaler Scott
Date: 18 Oct 2007
Time: 17:47:40 -0500
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Hi Lea, Glad you found the articles helpful. My interest in these two areas together started first with my work with kids on the autism spectrum that began during my undergraduate days. I continued work with this population in various settings, and later I began to specialize in stuttering. It was probably around that time that I began to notice more disfluencies in this population, especially in children with Asperger's Disorder. I refer you to some previous postings for this article about prevalence, but can answer you in a short way by saying we have no research on this yet. As far as treatments, again, we need more research to show which methods are proven to work, but, as the articles say, it tends to depend upon an individual child's presenting symptoms. Take a look at some of the references at the end of the articles and they may be able to guide you in developing treatments related to each individual case. The Wetherby and Prizant book might be a good start to provide an overview of the issues in autism spectrum and treatment methods in general, so you can use that as a framework to possibly explain what you are seeing and develop the best treatments. Good luck with your studies!

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