Iceberg of Stuttering

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Re: iceberg-balbuzie

From: r
Date: 10/8/03
Time: 12:50:09 PM
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Hello Raf, (I hope I have your name right.)

Thanks to Judy Kuster who translated your words for me.

I like your analogy of the boiling pot. Yes, it is very difficult to work down at the bottom of the pot where the "real" problem is - but it MUST be done. I commend you for your work down there - and for your understanding of the problems involved.

There really are two steps involved with a situation like this...

1. UNDERSTANDING the situation. This is a "head" thing, a thinking, reasoning, intellectual grasp of the situation.

2. FEELING the emotions involved. This is a "heart" thing, where progress is really made in therapy.

It helps greatly to intellectually understand something prior to attempting to work on it emotionally. It's like reading a book on how to repair a car, then getting out the wrenches and hammers and crawling under it and beginning to work. While the real work is accomplished with the tools, you MUST read the book first to understand the mechanisms involved and to lay out a plan for the actual work. The intellectual understanding is actually pretty easy. The real work is the hard part.

Thanks for your comments, Raf. I hope you are enjoying the conference!


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