Iceberg of Stuttering

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Great Analogy

From: Sandra Gil - Bolivia
Date: 10/18/03
Time: 10:46:22 AM
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I am the mom with a five yearold boy that stutters from Boliva that attended the NSA conference this year. You visited my paper in this conference and asked me if our paths have crossed there. I attended the first timers workshop where I admired your energy and joy and how you did your best to make us firstimers feel at home. I hope we get a chance to talk next year in Baltimore. I think your analogy of the iceberg is a great way to ilustrate us parents of children who stutter the importance of early intervention and specially the importance of a deep understanding of this disorder so we can in someway help the ice cube to remain that size. That is one of the main reasons that at the NSA conference I missed some family workshops to attend adult ones, with the hope I would learn what those adults would have needed when they were growing up that would have helped them cope with their stuttering in more possitive ways. In my country unfortunatly SLP are not specialized in stuttering ,I got some training while in UTAH in 2001, but I am not an SLP. I do do therapy with him on a regular basis but lately I am mostly focusing on learning more about parenting skills that nourish selfsteem. Your analogy of the iceberg makes me see more clearly that a high selfsteem can make a big difference on the size of the iceberg when he is and adult. Thanks so much for your work Sandra

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