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Re: Theraputic approach

From: Darrell Dodge
Date: 07 Oct 2004
Time: 00:49:11 -0500
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Hi Dori: I think your comparison is a good one. Facing the stuttering is therapeutic in and of itself. That's why voluntary stuttering can be so helpful for many. Changing behavior is more profoundly affecting when the situation is a real one -- when the possibility of failure is actually faced, and the change is experienced as something positive and liberating. Once we're awake to our situation, an actual change of some kind is required. Note that I'd see your comparison as being more appropriate for secondary behaviors like avoidances of various kinds. The change that would happen in quitting smoking would be the reorganization of the body's chemical and metabolic system, which would be supported by the mental attitude. In stuttering, it would be enabling the self to experience the stuttering more fully so it can start to be worked through. This also requires a lot of mental and emotional work -- too much for many people without assistance and support. Thanks. Darrell

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