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Re: Integration is essential

From: Darrell Dodge
Date: 14 Oct 2004
Time: 02:12:06 -0500
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Hi Tim: We are indeed on the same page. I like to focus on the concept of "trust" rather than "belief" because trust is more dynamic and implies support of a positive action of some kind. This is, of course, helpful when changing behavior. There are really very few "beliefs" that are not actually negative when we explore them, in that they are untested and may involve fantasy and confabulation, as in the case of the 17-year old girl. In order to trust we need to develop "basic trust," the understanding that even if the worst happens, we will be OK. This is a quality that's very helpful when we need to finally jump off that precipice and go ahead and speak when we're afraid we might stutter. - Thanks, Darrell

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