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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Spring and Summer 2012

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Spring and Summer Construction Projects

1.McElroy E&F Renovation (Estimated $2,145,450 project cost) – Project includes replacing flooring throughout and complete renovation of the kitchens, lounges and apartments. New make-up air handling units will be installed and the restrooms will receive a partial renovation. The north entrance to the hall between E&F will be closed during construction making this popular indoor route from Wiecking to the Library/Mall unavailable to the general population during the summer. Contact person Brad Heilman 327-8507

2. Carkoski Commons Tunnel (Estimated $95,000 project cost) – Project addresses water infiltration and tunnel joint concrete deterioration of the tunnel link between McElroy and Carkoski Commons. Anticipated construction period of June 6 - July 29. Contact person is Marty Rost 389-1027 or Richard Wheeler 389-1011.

3. Carkoski Commons Dining Hall (Estimated $1,300,000 project cost) – Project will expand the existing kitchen space in Carkoski Commons to better serve students using Julia A Sears, Crawford and McElroy Residence Halls as well as the new residence hall under construction. Anticipated construction period of May 23 into late Fall 2011. Contact person is Marty Rost 389-1027 or Richard Wheeler 389-1011.

4. New Residence Hall ($29,950,00 construction cost) – Phase 2A of a multi-year Residential Life facilities realignment program for removal of Gage Residential Hall and dining facility; provides another 300 beds on the upper three floors, with First Year Experience relocated from Gage to the first floor area to provide a more central service point for student use. Completion date of June 1, 2012.

5. Utility Tunnel for Residence Hall – Part of the above new residence hall construction will entail closing of Maywood Street West to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic from the Lot 12 parking lot to the entrance into Lot 13 in front of Crawford from May 9 - July 25, 2011. Work to be completed, in addition to construction of the new utility tunnel to the new residential hall, will be a fire hydrant relocation, new domestic/fire line water service and a new sanitary service to the new residence hall. Contact person is Marty Rost 389-1027 or Richard Wheeler 389-1011.

6. Memorial Library 109/110 Technology Lab ($198,800 construction cost) – Creates a new high tech collaborative learning space in the lower level of the library. Brennan Construction's staging area will be on the north side of the library. Project contacts are Paul Corcoran 389-6802 or Leslie Peterson 389-2290.

7. CSU Ballroom Renovation ($4,500,000 project cost) – Ebert Construction is the general contractor. Complete renovation of the ballroom and lobby area with new technology and theatrical lighting systems. Renovation includes the administrative and scheduling offices on the north side of second floor. These services will be temporarily located in the conference rooms on the south side of second floor. Project contacts are Paul Corcoran 389-6802 or Laurie Woodward 389-2224.

8. Armstrong Hall elevator structure removal ($61,000 project cost) – Removes the old abandoned elevator structure behind Armstrong Hall. Parking will not be available during the construction period to allow space for the KUE Construction the general contractor to perform their work. Project contact Paul Corcoran 389-6802.

9. Highland North HVAC ($654,000 construction cost) – Replaces locker room fan, adds cooling to the racquetball courts and new variable air volume boxes for the office fan system. As part of the project, the hallways and offices will receive new ceilings, wall finishes and floor covering. The 2nd floor hallway of Highland North, which is a popular route from Myers Field House through Morris to Wigley and CSU, will be closed most of the summer for these upgrades. Project Contact is Chris Hoffmann 3327-1430.

10. Campus Gateway at Stadium and Ellis Ave ($270,000 project cost) – Creates a new campus gateway entrance at the corner of Stadium Road and Ellis Avenue. Brennan Construction, the general contractor, will create temporary pedestrian paths around the site while construction takes place. Project features new brick and stone signage with LED lighting and a plaza area in front of the Pillars art work. Project contact Paul Corcoran 389-6802.