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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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All financial arrangements are to be made before you arrive at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Minnesota State Mankato cannot and does not assume financial responsibility for international students and their families. To be admitted to and attend Minnesota State University, you are responsible for supplying the amount of money you indicated on the financial affidavit you submitted to MSU and You are to have access to the total amount typed on Item #7 of your I-20 (Item #5 on your DS2019) form. On-campus employment is limited and requires a work permit. In addition, students should not expect to be able to finance their studies by working in the U.S. Evidence of financial support was a required part of your application and your visa verifying that you would not have to work to support yourself.

It is unwise to carry large amounts of cash with you. It is recommended that you have immediate access to least $5,000 in Cashier's or Traveler's Checks or Credit card to cover part of your first semester immediate expenses. If you wish to deposit your money in the MSU Business Office, the checks are to be made payable to "Minnesota State University, Mankato." Money on deposit earns simple interest and is refunded when the student terminates enrollment at the University. It is also recommended that you bring $300 to $400 cash in U.S. currency for taxi, phone, and other charges that may occur upon your arrival.

While in the U.S., you are responsible for all financial obligations: rent, telephone bill, credit card expenses, food, shelter, etc., and for all bills owed to Minnesota State University, Mankato. This is a serious matter because a student will not be allowed to continue their studies at our institution until all tuition fees are paid in full.

It may take few days for you to open a bank account.

Important Information to Remember

  • Have Traveler's Checks to cover immediate expenses like, health insurance (approximately $1000) and registration deposit, first month's rent and other expenses if you are planning to live off-campus
  • US currency in small denominations. Approximately $100-$500
  • Purchase a money belt, neck pouch to carry your valuables such like passport, I-20, money order, checks and cash

US Customs Information

Click here for more information pertaining to US customs when bringing money, gifts, food and other items to the U.S. Including: you must declare any currency over $10,000 brought into the U.S.