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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Participation in Groups requires current membership in Mankato Area Lifelong Learners.

For information on Groups or to be added to our mailing list, send an e-mail message to: or call (507) 389-2011.

Afternoon Tea

Our newest social group is Afternoon Tea which is open to all Lifelong Learners members.  This group meets monthly at the Curiosi-Tea House located at 1745 Commerce Drive in North Mankato.  Dates are published quarterly in our newsletter with reminders sent periodically by email to all members.  Past themes include Hat Day and Royal Day.

For more information, contact Harriet Plotz at 387-3990 or the office at or 507-389-2011.

Restaurant Groups

As the title suggests, this group meets in restaurants in the Mankato area.  The year is divided into three time periods: January - April, May - August, and September - December. Members may register for the time periods which suit their schedules. A new group list is distributed the first month of each time period. Groups will meet for four meals during this time period with groups selecting their own restaurants. Group sizes are generally 6 to 8. We welcome all members, singles and couples.

To join a restaurant group, please call Harriet Plotz 387-3990 or contact the office at or 507-389-2011.

Bridge Groups

We currently have two ladies groups and one men's group meeting the third Monday of each month at the Wow Zone restaurant. Always looking for subs as well.

To join the bridge group please contact Mary Bliesmer at or contact the office at or (507) 389-2011.

Soup & Discussion Supper Groups

Members take turns hosting monthly suppers with interesting and lively discussion.  The host will choose the location  - home, church, senior center, etc. and provide soup, utensils, and discussion topic.  Attendees bring bread or wine.

To join a Soup Supper group, please call Kathryn Hanson 385-0220 or contact the office at or 507-389-2011.

Lifelong Learners Book Club - The Bookends

The book club called the Bookends, meets in various locations on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The group will be limited to about 15 members.

To join The Bookends, contact Jim Booker at 507-345-20833 or  or contact the office at or 507-389-2011.


Membership Dues

Membership is valid for one year.

  •   $35  annual membership
  • $140  annual membership with 4 quarters of unlimited presentations included