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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Advising Notes

Any coment typed into a text box is stored as a Note in MavConnect. All notes are visible in the student folder under the Notes tab. Notes attached to Meetings and Tracking Items are also visible in the Meetings and Tracking tabs.


All notes entered in MavConnect are part of the student's educational record and should follow legal and ethical guidelines



Note Types


Standalone notes

Advising Note: Used by advisors to document notes and comments related to academic advising

Instructor-Advisor Shared Note: Notes shared between instructors and advisors


Tracking Item notes

Instructors and advisors can provide notes when submitting, managing or closing out tracking items (kudos, flags, referrals or to-dos). NOTE: Not all tracking items will have notes attached so you may only see the status of the tracking item (closed, open). 


Troubleshooting note visibility

If you are not seeing notes that you expect to see, check the filters at the top of the Notes tab in the student folder. Make sure the filters are set to "Created in Term=All", "Written by=Anyone", and "Note Type=Any".

INOTE: Notes are viewable depending on your role and relationship to a student. Therefore, you will only see information that is need to know for the students you work with.