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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Undergraduate Programs

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Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Accounting Major Minor  
Acting (see Theatre)      
Actuarial Science (see Statistics)      
Adapted Physical Education   Minor  
Aesthetics (see Philosophy)      
Aging Studies      
Alcohol & Drug Studies Major Minor  
American Indian Studies Major    
Anatomy (see Biology)      
Anthropology Major Minor  
Applied Organizational Studies Major    
Archaeology (see Anthropology)      
Art (Graphic Design, Photography, Studio) Major    
Art Education (K-12) Major    
Art History Major Minor  
Art Studio   Minor  
Artificial Intelligence (see Cognitive Science)      
Astronomy Major Minor  
Astrophysics (see Astronomy)      
Athletic Coaching   Minor  
Athletic Training Major    
Automobile Design (see Automotive Engineering Technology)      
Automotive Engineering Technology Major Minor  
Aviation Major    
Aviation Management   Minor  
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Ballet (see Dance)      
Biochemistry Major    
Biology Major Minor  
Biology Education (see Life Science Education)      
Biotechnology Major    
Business (see Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, or Marketing)      
Business Administration   Minor  
Business Education (5-12) Major    
Business Law   Minor  
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Camp Administration (see Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services)      
Ceramics (see Art)      
Chemical Dependency (see Alcohol & Drug Studies)      
Chemistry Major Minor  
Chemistry Education (5-12) Major    
Child Development (see Family Consumer Science)      
Chiropractic Medicine (see Pre-Chiropractic)      
Civil Engineering Major    
Clinical Psychology (see Psychology)      
Coaching (see Athletic Coaching)      
Cognitive Science Major    
Commercial Pilot (see Aviation)      
Communication (see Mass Media, Communication Studies, or Technical Communication)      
Communication Arts & Literature Education (5-12) Major    
Communication Disorders Major Minor  
Communication Studies Major Minor  
Communications   Inter-Disciplinary Minor  
Community Health Education Major Minor  
Computer Engineering Major    
Computer Engineering Technology Major    
Computer Information Science   Minor  
Computer Programming (see Computer Science or Information Systems or Information Systems and Technology)      
Computer Science Major Minor  
Computer Technology (also see Information Systems and Technology)   Minor  
Construction Management Major    
Corporate & Community Fitness/Wellness   Minor  
Corporate Finance (see Finance)      
Corrections Major Minor  
Costume Design (see Theatre)      
Creative Writing Major Minor  
Criminal Justice (see Corrections or Law Enforcement)      
Cross Disciplinary Studies (see Open Studies)      
Cytotechnology/Cytogenetics (see Biology)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Dance Major Minor  
Dance Education (K-12) Major    
Database Technologies   Minor Certificate
Dental Hygiene Major    
Dental Hygiene BS - Degree Completion      
Dentistry (see Pre-Dental)      
Developmental/Adapted Physical Education   Teaching Minor  
Developmental & Cognitive Disabilities (see Special Education)      
Dietetics (see Family Consumer Science)      
Directing (see Theatre)      
Drama (see Theatre)      
Drawing (see Art)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Family Consumer Science Major Minor  
Family Life/Child Development (see Family Consumer Science)      
Film Studies   Minor  
Finance Major    
Financial Planning   Minor  
Flight School (see Aviation)      
Food and Nutrition (see Family Consumer Science)      
Food Science Technology Major    
Forensics (see Communication Studies)      
French Major Minor  
French Education (K-12) Major    
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Gender & Women's Studies Major Minor  
General Engineering (see Integrated Engineering)      
Geographic Information Science     Certificate
Geography Major Minor  
Geology (see Earth Science)   Minor  
General Biology (see Biology)      
German Major Minor  
German Education (K-12) Major    
Gerontology (see Aging Studies)   Minor  
Global Business (see International Business)      
Global Marketing (see International Business)      
Graphic Design (see Art)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Health Education Major    
Health Promotion (see Health Education)      
Health & Physical Education (Health is 5-12; PE is K-12)
Health Science Major    
History Major Minor  
Home Economics (see Family Consumer Science)      
Human Biology (see Biology)      
Human Performance Major    
Human Resource Management   Minor  
Humanities Major Minor  
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (see Psychology)      
Information Security     Certificate
Information Systems Major    
Information Systems Management (see Information Systems and Technology or Management)      
Computer Information Technology Major    
Institutional Finance (see Finance)      
Insurance (see Finance)      
Integrated Engineering Major    
International Business Major Minor  
International Marketing (see International Business)      
International Relations Major  Minor  
Investment Analysis (see Finance)      
Iron Range Engineering (see Integrated Engineering) Major    
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Jazz Dance (see Dance)      
Journalism (see Mass Media)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Kindergarten Teaching (see K-12 and Secondary Education Programs)      
K-12 and Secondary Education Programs      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Latin American Studies   [PDF] Minor (30 KiB)  
Law (see Pre-Law)      
Law Enforcement Major Minor  
Law Enforcement Management     Certificate
Leisure Planning and Management (see Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services)      
Liberal Studies A.A. degree    
Life Science Education (5-12) Major    
Lighting Design (see Theatre)      
Linguistics   Minor  
Literature (see English)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Management Major    
Manufacturing Engineering Technology Major Minor  
Marketing Major Minor  
Mass Media Major    
Mathematics Major Minor  
Mathematics Education (5-12) Major    
Mechanical Engineering Major    
Media Studies (see Mass Media)      
Medical Laboratory Science Major    
Medical Technology Major    
Medicine (see Pre-Medicine)      
Metaphysics (see Philosophy)      
Microbiology Major    
Middle School Communication Arts (K-8) Major    
Middle School French (K-8) Major    
Middle School German (K-8) Major    
Middle School Literature (K-8) Major    
Middle School Mathematics (5-8) Major    
Middle School Science (5-8) Major    
Military Science/Army ROTC   Minor  
Modern Dance (see Dance)      
Mortuary Science (see Pre-Mortuary Science)      
Multi-Cultural Studies (see Ethnic Studies)      
Multi-Disciplinary Studies (see Open Studies)      
Music Major Minor  
Music Education (K-12) Major    
Music Industry Major   Certificate
Music Performance Major    
Musical Theatre (see Theatre)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Natural Resource Management      
Networking and Information Security   Minor  
Networking Technologies     Certificate
Neurophilosophy (see Cognitive Science)      
News-Editorial (see Mass Media)      
Neuroscience (see Cognitive Science)      
Nonprofit Leadership     Certificate
Norwegian (see Scandinavian Studies)      
Nursing Major    
Nursing Home Administration (see Licensure Preparation)      
Nutrition (see Family Consumer Science)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Occupational Therapy (see Pre-Occupational Therapy)      
Open Studies Major    
Optometry (see Pre-Optometry)      
Organizational Psychology (see Psychology)      
Osteopathic Medicine (see Pre-Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Painting (see Art)      
Pharmacology (see Pre-Pharmacy)      
Performance (see Theatre, Dance, or Music Performance)      
Philosophy Major Minor  
Philosophy, Politics, & Economics Major    
Photography (see Art)      
Photojournalism (see Mass Media)      
Physical Education (K-12) (see Health & Physical Education) Major    
Physical Education (Non-teaching) Major Minor  
Physical Therapy (see Pre-Physical Therapy)      
Physics Major Minor  
Physics Education (5-12) Major    
Plant Science (see Biology)      
Podiatry (see Pre-Podiatric Medicine and Surgery)      
Political Analysis (see Political Science)      
Political Science Major Minor  
Pre-Agriculture (Non-degree)    
Pre-Chiropractic (Non-degree)    
Pre-Dental (Non-degree)    
Pre-Engineering (Non-degree)    
Pre-Forestry (Non-degree)    
Pre-Law (Non-degree)    
Pre-Medicine (Non-degree)    
Pre-Mortuary Science (Non-degree)    
Pre-Occupational Therapy (Non-degree)    
Pre-Optometry (Non-degree)    
Pre-Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery (Non-degree)    
Pre-Pharmacy (Non-degree)    
Pre-Physical Therapy (Non-degree)    
Pre-Primary Education (Age3 - Grade 6) Major    
Pre-Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (Non-degree)    
Pre-Theology (Non-degree)    
Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Non-degree)    
Primary Education (see Elementary Education)      
Printmaking (see Art)      
Professional Preparation Programs      
Programming (see Computer Science or Information Systems and Technology)      
Promotions (see Marketing)      
Psychology Major Minor  
Public Administration (see Political Science)      
Public Relations (P.R.) (see Mass Media)      
Public Speaking (see Communication Studies)      
Publishing (see Mass Media)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Radio Broadcasting (see Mass Media)      
Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Major    
Recreation   Minor  
Religion (see Philosophy)      
Resource Management (see Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services)      
Retail (see Marketing)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Sales (see Marketing)      
Scandinavian Studies Major Minor  
School Health Education Major    
Science Education (see Secondary Education)      
Screenwriting (see Creative Writing)      
Sculpture (see Art)      
Secondary Education (5-12 & K-12)      
Set Design (see Theatre)      
Sign Language (see Communication Disorders)      
Social Philosophy (see Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)      
Social Studies Education (5-12) Major    
Social Welfare   Minor  
Social Work Major    
Sociology Major Minor  
Software Development   Minor Certificate
Software Engineering Major    
Sound Design (see Theatre)      
Spanish Major Minor  
Spanish Education (K-12) Major    
Special Education (K-12) Major    
Speech Communication (see Communication Studies)      
Speech Pathology (see Communication Disorders)      
Sport Management Major    
Stagecraft (see Theatre)      
Statistics Major Minor  
Swedish (see Scandinavian Studies)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Tap Dance (see Dance)      
Teaching (see Education)      
Teaching English as a Second Language   Minor  
Technical Communication Major Minor Certificate
Theatre Major    
Theatre Arts   Minor  
Theatre Design/Technology (see Theatre)      
Therapeutic Recreation (see Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services)      
Toxicology (see Biology)      
Twin Cities Engineering (see Integrated Engineering) Major    
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Urban and Regional Studies Major Minor  
Major Minor Certificate
Veterinary Medicine (see Pre-Veterinary Medicine)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Women's Studies (see Gender & Women's Studies)      
World Languages & Cultures (see French, German, Spanish, or Scandinavian Studies)      
Writing (see Creative Writing)      
Undergraduate Program Major Minor Certificate
Zoology (see Biology)