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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Maverick Mentor FAQ

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What exactly does a mentor do?

Maverick Mentors assist the first-year students in the Crawford Residence Community in their academic transition to college. They get to know the residents on their floor and develop a strong knowledge of academic resources on campus, implement academically focused programs and have conversation with students about their academic experiences.   Mentors work at the One Minute Clinic each week (alternating between the two Mentor teams) for two hours bi-monthly. Mentors also work with the Study Bucks program in Crawford. Each week, Mentors go on study buck rounds around their floor and hall. 


What is the One Minute Clinic Program?

This is a signature programmatic series that the Maverick Mentor team puts on each week. Mentors staff the clinic three nights during the week in front of Crawford C Hall.   During this time, anywhere from 200-400 students stop by the table to learn a quick study tip or academic information while playing a game! It is intended to take approximately a minute, be fun and interactive, and provide students with information and resources on academic success. The One Minute Clinic is an award-winning, national program that students appreciate and Mentors enjoy.


What is an example of an Academic Program that a Mentor would implement?

An academic program is something that helps residents learn how to be a successful student. Many Mentors take games like Apples to Apples and turn them into a program about campus resources or academic success. Students play the game, have some fun, and learn something along the way. An academic program can also involve bringing in campus partners like the New Student and Family Programs, the Center for Academic Success or the Career Development Center.


Can I have a part-time job while being a Mentor?

One responsibility of being a Mentor is to be accessible and visible to residents. Outside employment and co-curricular activities can, at times, have an adverse effect on fulfilling this responsibility. In addition, newly hired Mentors often find it challenging to balance numerous responsibilities, and balance them well, during the first semester of employment. Hence, Mentors may request approval from the Student Success Coordinator to seek additional employment opportunities. The additional employment opportunities must not exceed 15 hours per week. 


Can I still be involved in athletics, student organizations, and other activities while being a Mentor?

Mentors who want to participate in co-curricular activities (e.g. assistantships, internships, student organizations, student teaching, and clinicals for example) need to discuss their plans and obtain written approval from the Student Success Coordinator. The Student Success Coordinator will assist Mentors in examining how co-curricular activities might have an impact on their personal and work-related responsibilities. 


When does training start?

Fall training begins on August 17, 2014 and concludes on August 20, 2014 (opening day is Thursday, August 21, 2014). However, prior to that, attendance is expected at our annual spring kickoff in April, exact date and time to be determined.    


Should I sign up for fall housing assignment even if I am applying to be a MM?

If you are planning to live on campus next year, we recommend signing up for housing so that you are guaranteed a room in the residence communities. If you are selected to become a Maverick Mentor, the $250 pre-payment that you make when you sign up for a room will be applied to your fall room/board plan.


If I am selected to be a Mentor, can I choose which Hall in Crawford I am placed?

When you apply to become a Mentor, you are applying for a position within our department, not a specific residence community. Specific hall placement is determined by the Student Success Coordinator and is based on the needs of the building, as well as the Mentor’s skill set.


Can I apply to be a Mentor if I am currently on University disciplinary probation?

Yes, as long as you are not on University disciplinary probation after May 9, 2014. Please note that candidates who are placed on University disciplinary probation for spring semester 2014 for an incident occurring after any part of the Mentor application was submitted will be ineligible. Conduct checks will take place throughout the selection process.


What if I previously applied for a Mentor position, do I need to reapply?

Because some time has passed since you previously applied, it is important to gather updated information. You will need to complete the application and have 2 reference forms submitted on your behalf.


I am a transfer student and this is my first semester at Minnesota State, Mankato, can I still apply for a Mentor position?

Yes, as long as you meet the qualifications for the position. Since you will not have any grades posted on the University records system, you will need to submit a copy of your transcript from the college or university you previously attended. Please submit this document to Ana Hammerschmidt, Student Success Coordinator at 111 Carkoski Commons or at Ana Hammerschmidt by the application deadline.


Where do I turn in my application?

Applications are submitted online.  Reference forms can be turned in to Ana Hammerschmidt, Student Success Coordinator, in the Residential Life office, 111 Carkoski Commons or e-mailed to