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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

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Institutional Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Academic Achievement - Students will demonstrate competence in specific areas of academic disciplines that will directly impact their career endeavors.

  2. Civic Engagement - Students will demonstrate the awareness, knowledge, and skills to actively participate individually or collectively on issues of societal concern.

  3. Communication - Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate verbally, in writing, and through digital and/or visual media.

  4. Critical Thinking - Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze situations and problems in order to identify and test solutions.

  5. Global Citizenship - Students will demonstrate an awareness and knowledge of international cultures and societies.

  6. Multiculturalism/Diversity - Students will demonstrate an awareness and knowledge of social, cultural and personal values of others.

  7. Self-Directed Learning - Students will demonstrate the ability to autonomously acquire knowledge and develop skills.


Development of Institutional Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

Campus Discussion

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes were developed by the Assessment and Evaluation Sub Meet for the University, and vetted with the shared governance units of the campus community.

Open Forums

Two open forums were held in the Centennial Student Union in November 2010, which served not only as an opportunity to review the language that the Faculty Association approved, but also as an opportunity to begin the process of building a campus-wide assessment dialogue. The Assessment and Evaluation Sub Meet and Confer will carefully consider feedback from faculty in order to craft assessment models and mechanisms that can serve the campus at large.

Online Survey

An online survey of Student Learning Outcomes was also used to collected University community response to the SLOs.