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Re: How long should each therapy be implemented?

From: Nina Reeves
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 09:55:07 -0500
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Wow Brenna, you have asked the 10 million dollar question! Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to either, except to say; "it depends." :) Basically, how long I spend on each objective is very individualized. I do know that I don't tend to feel a need to move to complete "mastery" in one objective before moving on to the next. I tend to take a route of "weaving together" therapy objectives and activities after a child has reach a comfortable skill level in each. As far as "long-term success," this is again, highly individual. I don't "cure" cluttering, as I don't "cure" stuttering. Success is measured in many ways. I hope to help my clinets gain enhanced self-monitoring skills coupled with coping strategies for speaking situations. Thanks for writing and good luck with your future studies!

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