Discussion forums are groups that you subscribe to. There is no fee to subscribe. At present, several forums are dedicated to the topic of stuttering. When you subscribe to a discussion forum, you will join a group of people interested in stuttering who ask and answer questions, offer suggestions, discuss issues, evaluate therapy programs, etc.


Welcome to Stutt-L!

We are a forum for information and discussion about stuttering research, treatment and support. The objective is to provide an opportunity for professionals, students and consumers (including people who stutter, their friends, family members, and employers) to learn from and with each other.

A few ground rules

  • Courtesy and Tolerance: Please be mindful of the tone of your posts and the language that you use. Remember and accept that opinions vary. We would like all those in the Stutt-L community to feel comfortable posting their feelings and points of view.
  • Identify Appropriate Credentials: Please sign your posts with your name and relevant credentials. Participants deserve to know who is writing and relevant background. For example, indicate whether you're a speech-language pathologist, board recognized fluency specialist, person who stutters, student, academic researcher, etc. We also appreciate credentials that are relevant to the topic at hand, such as a physician commenting on medication or an attorney talking about disability law.
  • Frequency and Redundancy of Posts: Please keep the length and frequency of your posts reasonable to keep discussion from being dominated by a few people. If a group dialogue evolves into a back-and-forth conversation between two people - as happens occasionally - please take it off-list and continue the discussion via individual email as a courtesy to other participants.
  • Compliance with List Netiquette: The list managers reserve the right to make judgments related to compliance with these rules, and to enforce the rules by limiting access to 'read only' or removing individuals from the list, if necessary.

Once again, WELCOME!

The list managers: Vivian Sisskin, Judy Kuster, Nan Bernstein Ratner

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Or, if you prefer, written instructions are available
  • Subscribing to Stutt-l PDF
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  • Before you ask questions on mailing lists, you will find that

  • Lou Heite's information on Posting Questions on Discussion Forums is very helpful.

  • ASHA's Special Interest Group 4, Fluency and Fluency Disorders email list. To join the list, send an e-mail to asha-div4-request@lists.asha.org . In the subject line write Subscribe Full Name ASHA account number (if you have that available). Leave the body of the message blank. You will receive confirmation after we have confirmed your membership status along with a welcome message that will include further information about this list. If you have any technical difficulties subscribing, posting messages, or receiving them, please send an e-mail to ListAdmin@asha.org

  • BVSS-LIST@BVSS.DE is a German-language list sponsored by the German Stuttering Association (Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe), for all people who are interested in stuttering. To subscribe send an empty email to bvss-list-request@bvss.de and type subscribe bvss-list in the subject line. Or you can use this website to subscribe. The list administrator is Ulrich Natke - ulrich@natke.info

  • ELSA.EUROPE@TELIA.COM is a mailing list in conjunction with the European Year of People with Disabilities (EYPD 2003). ELSA is providing a discussion forum as an opportunity for everybody interested in stuttering to contribute to raising the awareness of stuttering Europewide. During the Year they will provide information, and the opportunity to contribute to raising the awareness of stuttering either through various national stuttering associations, ELSA, the EDF and a public relations company funded by the European Commission to promote the Year. To subscribe, email elsa.europe@telia.com the following message: EYPD Subscribe

    There are several lists and chat forums about stuttering that have been formed on yahoogroups.com that may be of interest to some individuals. Those I know about are listed below. You can subscribe by either using the subscription format on the web addresses provided below or by emailing nameoflist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


    Unlike the mailing groups listed above, when you subscribe to an E-Publication, there is no opportunity for discussion. You simply receive a copy of the electronic publication/newsletter that is sent to a list of persons interested in receiving one. There is no fee to subscribe to the e-publications listed on this page.

  • "SPEAKING OUT" E-DIGEST is a electronic digest of the monthly magazine of Canada's Speak Easy Inc. Speak Easy is Canada's national organization for people who stutter. Each month, Speak Easy publishes an electronic digest designed to serve as a companion to Speak Easy's monthly magazine, "Speaking Out." This digest is sent to those requesting it and is emailed prior to the first of each month. It gives brief descriptions of material appearing in the upcoming issue of S/O. This service is free. If anyone would like to receive it, they can request this monthly digest by sending a blank email to speakeasycanada-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

  • Stammering Research Volume 1, Issue 1, a PDF file of the entire online journal from the Psychology Speech Group and the British Stammering Association


    Newsgroups are discussion groups that do not require you to subscribe. You can check in at any time and read what is being discussed. If you wish, you can also post messages. There are thousands of different newsgroups which may or may not be available through your Internet connection. There are several newsgroups which may be of interest to persons who stutter.

  • alt.support.stuttering is a usenet newsgroup about stuttering

  • de.sci.medizin.logopaedie - Diese Newsgroup ist auch fuer das Thema Stottern und Selbsthilfe offen. (may not be available on US newsreaders).

  • alt.org.toastmasters is a newsgroup about Toastmasters International.

  • alt.support.dystonia is a newsgroup for patients to share their experiences with different types of treatments and methods of coping with various types of dystonia, including spasmodic dysphonia.

  • Stuttering Forum - "a support and resource portal for people who stutter."

  • Stuttering Community - "a support forum and community for people who stutter."

  • Stutteringthoughts.com is an online community for people who stutter using a threaded discussion, web-based format, with focused topics.
  • Forum du begaiement - in French
  • Stuttering and Stammering and Speech Disorder Forum - an Irish discussion forum


  • E-friends (http://www.stammering.org/selfhelp_e-friends.html) is a one-to-one email list. Email e-friends@stammering.org, and the list co-ordinator David Morris will email you back with more information about the scheme and inviting you to send in some individual details. When you have joined, you receive the email addresses and summaries of other people on the list, and the other people receive yours. It's then up to list members to email whoever they choose.

  • Friendship Center is a free support database for persons who stutter which enables stutterers to share their life stories, then search for other stutterers by age, location, gender, marital status, occupation, religion, or other parameters. Sponsored by Thomas David Kehoe.

  • Primarily for teens - from the Stuttering Home Page

  • For children - from the Stuttering Home Page - posted only through the speech clinician's email account or on a parent's account with permission.


    The word "blog" is short for "web log" and is "a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies." (Onelook Dictionary). Below are examples of blogs which focus on stuttering.

    FACEBOOK: Stuttering Groups/Pages

    Type "stuttering group" or "stammering group" into the Facebook search engine and you will discover numerous groups that have been formed. Some are active with many members. Some are "open" which means you don't have to "join." Others are "closed" which means you have to "join" to participate, and sometimes to even read the "wall." Explore the groups listed on the search engine to find what you may be interested in. There are also some Facebook "pages" that are worthwhile exploring. Be aware that there are scam advertising "groups" and Facebook "pages" that advertise cures or programs that are not mainstream therapy programs for stuttering. Let the buyer beware!! A few that I follow occasionally are

  • Closed groups/pages
  • Open groups/pages


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