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This section of The Stuttering Home Page features books, journals, articles, conference reports and archives of newsletters about stuttering.

Full-length Books Available Online

  • Myers, F. L., & St. Louis, K. O., (Eds.) (1992).Cluttering: A Clinical Perspective Leicester: FAR Communications. Reissued: San Diego, CA: Singular, 1996. (entire book freely available on the International Cluttering Association website).
  • Several of the chapters of Marty Jezer's book, Stuttering: A Life Bound Up In Words, originally posted to Casafutura website and retrieved from The Way Back Machine on June 13, 2005

  • Speech-Language Pathology/Stuttering - an extensive Wikibook by Tom Kehoe, well formatted with interesting information.

  • Historical Books about Stuttering
  • Because I Stutter by Wendell Johnson

  • Self-Therapy for the Stutterer, by Malcolm Fraser, (11th edition) from the Stuttering Foundation.

  • Advice to Those Who Stutterer by Malcolm Fraser, from the Stuttering Foundation

  • To the Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician by Barry Guitar from the Stuttering Foundation

  • Easy Stuttering by Vivian Sheehan, M.A., CCC; Pamela Shanks, M.A., CCC and Stephen Mereu - price $9.98 (consists of articles and assignments based on the ideas and concepts Joseph Sheehan. Most of the assignments were originally written by him).

  • Redefining Stuttering: What The Struggle To Speak Is Really All About, 2008, - free PDF copy of John Harrison's 485 page book.

  • Therapy for the Severe Older Adolescent and Adult Stutterer by George G. Helliesen, a retired SLP explains Van Riper treatment strategies a 70 page online book in PDF format, made available online by the Journal of Stuttering Therapy, Advocacy & Research (JSTAR)

  • Lindh, Stig (2012) Is Stuttering Something To Get Hung Up On? 295 pages, originally published in Swedish, translated by Louise Lindh and made freely-available online by the author

  • Theoretical Development of a Proposed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Based Model to Treat Persons with Chronic Perseverative Stuttering Syndrome Gunar Neiders, 2010 (a Ph.D. dissertation under the direction of Norman Mar, Ph.D.) More information about this dissertation

  • Courtney Stromsta's Stuttering: Its Nature and Management (PDF format) from the Stuttering Foundation

  • Starkweather, C. Woodruff, Ed, Conditioning in Stuttering Therapy: applications and Limitations. Publication No. 7, Speech Foundation of America, 1970

  • A classic chapter on Counseling, Principles of counseling people who stutter from the Stuttering Foundation book, Effective Counseling in Stuttering Therapy edited by Jane Fraser

  • Self-Help Manual by Dr Satyendra Srivastava

    Complete Children's Books Freely Available Online

  • Jeremy and the Hippo by Gail Wilson Lew.

  • de Geus, Eelco (1999) Sometimes I Just Stutter, translated by Elisabeth Versteegh-Vermeij is a book written especially for children who stutter. This book is also available in Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, and Italian! (translations of various books available here)

  • Changing the Words Around by Alan Badmington, illustrated by Christine Badgett-Richards

  • Everyone's Different by Alan Badmington

  • The Can't Be Seen Who Couldn't Squawk by Dale Williams, co-illustrated by Dale and Brennan Williams.

  • My Very Own: I can Do It Storybook! Starring Me by Julie Raynor from the Stuttering Foundation - a 10 page PDF with opportunity to fill in with pictures of a child learning to walk, drink from a cup, turn on the lights, swim, talk, etc. The book concludes "there are so many things to learn to do! And just remember one thing. If something is hard or you need help, don't worry about it. Just keep on trying and pretty soon you will get it!!"

  • Trouble at Recess by Jamie (PDF from the Stuttering Foundation)

  • Izabela: Pravljica o princeski, ki je jecljala/ (translated, Isabela: The Story about the Princess Who Stuttered) by Beata Akerman (The illustrated book is in Slovenian. The author sent an English translation).

  • Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand - a free online flash-animation books for kids about a squirrel who was teased and bullied about his stuttering who refuses to show that his feelings are being hurt until one day he learns an important lesson from a new friend.

    Journals about Fluency Disorders

  • The four issues of Stammering Research the Electronic Journal of the British Stammering Association, edited by Peter Howell. 2004-2005.

  • Online Student Journal of Fluency Disorders welcomes exceptional student papers/projects about stuttering and other fluency disorders. Instructors may recommend papers that would be of interest to a general readership, be submitted to or linked to this web-publication.

  • The Journal of Stuttering Therapy, Advocacy and Research (JSTAR) is a free online quarterly publication co-edited by Gregory Snyder, Ph.D. and Peter Reitzes, M.A. All the articles below are available at the above URL in PDF format

  • Journal abstracts and online bibliographies

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