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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Important StarID Conversion Information For Mac Users

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As you may know, some Macs need an additional step performed on them for the StarID conversion. This step involves renaming your current user profile so that when you log in with StarID, you will have the profile you are using today.

Who needs this extra step?

Mac desktop or laptop users who log into a Mac OS the CAMPUS domain  want to continue to use their current profile.

Who doesn't need this step?

  • Mac desktop or laptop users who log into the CAMPUS domain and DON'T need their profile moved. 
    • This may be the case if you have a Mac used by many students/staff/grads and those people do not have anything saved to their user folder--Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures, etc.
    • These people will be able to log in with their StarID beginning December 19 and will see a fresh, new user profile.
  • Mac users who always boot to Windows, never to the Mac OS
  • Mac users who do NOT log into the CAMPUS domain (they use local accounts)
  • Windows users
  • iPad, iPhone and other tablet users

 If you need this extra step of having your profile renamed, these are your options:


  1. You can request ITS staff visit your office and we will perform the steps for you.
  2. You can bring your machine one of our walk-in stations (Of course, an easier option for those with laptops!). You'll find them on December 19  in :
    • CSU 123
    • IT Service Desk on the third floor of Memorial Library
    • Center for Excellence and Innovation in the lower level of Memorial Library
    • 7700 France in Edina
  3. You can wait for an office drop-in on December 19. ITS staff will be making the rounds to each office to make sure all is going well.
  4. Most Mac users may run the Mac StarID Application themselves. When you double click the application, the process pretty much runs itself and prompts you to enter in your username, StarID, and other information as needed.

Will the Mac StarID Application work for you?

The application will work for your situation if you can answer  of the following questions:

  1. Is your current username (i.e. the one like your last name—not your StarID) 7 or fewer characters? If your current username is 8 characters, we'll have to schedule the manual process for you.
  2. Is your current operating system is 10.7 or higher (including Mavericks)?
  3. Do you have administrative rights on your Mac?
  4. Do you have the username and StarID of the profile(s) you are trying to rename? (If more than one person needs their profile renamed, an administrator can rename each of them provided they have the other users' current username and StarID.)

If you answered YES to all four questions, you can avoid waiting for help from ITS staff by running the application yourself.  Then, on December 19, you will log in to your machine for the first time with the username and password(this is case sensitive).  You will find the application and its instructions at

If you need help...

If you have questions, concerns, or problems of ANY sort, please let us know and we'll be happy to arrange for ITS staff to stop by your office as soon as they can. you can reach us at 507-389-6654 or by email at