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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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The StarID is a username for use at all the institutions within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. If you are using your StarID for the first time and/or do not have a password, you will first need to activate your StarID and create your password.

Use your StarID to log in to most Minnesota State Mankato services, including:

  • E-Services
  • MavNET Wireless Network
  • MavMAIL
  • MavDISK
  • D2L Brightspace (Desire2Learn)
  • Scholarship Finder
  • Classroom, public lab, and kiosk computers
  • New Student Orientation Registration
  • New Student Enrollment Confirmation

Common StarID Questions

I've forgotten my password or it has expired. Where can I change it?

Change your password here.
Read more about changing your StarID password


I'm a student using my StarID for the first time or I've never set a password for it. Where do I start?

  1. Activate your StarID. After StarID activation, your credentials should be ready to use in just a few minutes. However, during times of high load at the Minnesota State System Office, it can take up to two hours or more to be available for use.
  2. Click on Activate StarID and follow the instructions on the page.
  3. Set or change your StarID password to one you have NEVER used before.

My StarID and password used to work and now it doesn't. What should I do?

Most StarID problems are resolved by changing your password. You can change your password here.
Read more about changing your StarID password


Which identifier should I use to activate my StarID or reset the password?

Students can use one of three identifiers to either activate their StarID or change their password:

  1. TechID and SSN: If you know your TechID and the University has your Social Security Number (SSN) in your student record, this is a good way to activate your StarID. Current students can find their TechID on their MavCARD.
    Read more about activating your StarID or changing your password with your TechID and SSN
  2. Library Card Barcode and SSN: If you have a MavCARD and the University has your SSN in your student record, you can use the barcode number listed on your MavCARD.
  3. Personal Email Address: Enter the email address you provided the University initially or if you are a current student you can also enter your email address ending in If the email address you enter is on file, you will be sent a verification code to that email address.
    Read more about activating your StarID with a personal e-mail address

I can't get in no matter what I try. What should I do next?

Contact the IT Solutions Center for help