Photo of a MavPOD (rectangular enclosed booth) with a word collage in the background and image next to it of a student opening the door and stepping inside

MavPODs are available all around campus for student, faculty, and staff use. Asemi-private, comfortable, and convenient place to study, make a call, recharge, and more between classes or meetings.


Enjoy personal space to focus while maintaining social distance and COVID-19 safety. 100% funded through the American Recovery Act.

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How Can I Use Them?

No reservations required, just find an empty MavPOD and...

  • Transition between physical and online classes
  • Study or do virtual group work
  • Make telehealth or other personal calls
  • Have virtual advisor meetings
  • Record video or audio for class projects
  • Sit back, relax, and recharge
  • And more endless possibilities!

Other Features

  • Comfy chair and desk
  • Soft lighting
  • Plugins for power
  • Sound-buffering for privacy
  • Fan for airflow - air is completely circulated every three minutes

Larger MavPODs Available

A large MavPOD – and enclosed rectangular room with clear glass doors and spacious room to move around in with a desk

These larger MavPODs are more spacious and offer room to walk in and move around. They are fully accessible. See MavPOD locations listed below for locations.

Looking for other accessible options? Fully accessible study rooms are also available in Memorial Library and on the second floor of the Clinical Sciences Building.

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MavPODs are cleaned routinely as part of the routine building cleaning protocols. There are several surface sanitizers available across campus (in most classrooms, offices, etc.) as well if you would like to clean the surfaces before using a MavPOD.

MavPOD Locations

Note: MavPODs are currently under construction and not yet completed in all locations listed.


Want to see another location added? Request a location.

  • Armstrong Hall
    • First floor: 4
    • Second floor: 4
    • Third floor: 3
  • Carkoski Commons
    • First floor: 3
  • Centennial Student Union
    • Lower level: 1
    • First floor: 1
  • Clinical Sciences Building
    • First floor: 1
    • Second floor: 3
    • Third floor: 2
    • Accessible study spaces available on the second floor.
  • Ford Hall
    • Second floor: 4
    • Third floor: 3
  • Memorial Library
    • Lower level: 6
    • First floor: 11 (one large MavPOD, fully accessible)
    • Third floor: 10
    • Accessible study spaces are available.
      • To check availability and open locations, visit the Memorial Library's Circulation Desk (by the entrance) on the first floor or call 1-507-389-5931.
  • Morris Hall
    • Second floor: 3 (one large MavPOD, fully accessible)
  • Myers Field House
    • First floor: 5 (one large MavPOD, fully accessible)
    • Second floor: 10
  • Nelson Hall
    • First floor: 3
  • Performing Arts Center
    • First floor: 2
  • Preska
    • First floor: 3
  • Wiecking Center
    • First floor: 8
  • Wigley Administration Building
    • First floor: 1 (three large MavPODs, fully accessible)
  • Wissink Hall
    • First floor: 11 (one large MavPOD, fully accessible)