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Person typing on a laptop and a search bar showcasing Microsoft 365 apps and text that says: "Do I have access to apps for work and school?"Students and employees* at Minnesota State University, Mankato get five FREE downloads of Microsoft 365 for use on work machines, personally owned computers, and mobile devices.

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*Alumni and Emeriti are not able to download Microsoft 365 but can access the web client.

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Microsoft 365 has the same apps as Google + even more capabilities!

Microsoft 365 is the official suite of apps we use at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Used to Google Workspace or another suite? Most of the same apps are available in Microsoft. Plus, they're more powerful and make it easier to collaborate with colleagues, classmates, and teachers.

A chart showing which Google apps are similar to Microsoft 365 apps. Gmail is like Outlook for email. Google Drive is like Microsoft OneDrive for cloud storage. Google Forms is like Microsoft Forms for creating forms. Google Docs is like Microsoft Word for word processing. Google Slides is like Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations. Google Sheets is like Microsoft Excel for creating spreadsheets. Google Keep is like Microsoft OneNote for taking notes. Google Chat is like Microsoft Teams for chatting and collaboration.

Image description:

  • Email: Microsoft Outlook is comparable to Gmail
  • Cloud file storage: Microsoft OneDrive is comparable to Google Drive
  • Forms: Microsoft Forms is comparable to Google Forms
  • Word processing: Microsoft Word is comparable to Google Docs
  • Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint is comparable to Google Slides
  • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel is comparable to Google Sheets
  • Note-taking: Microsoft OneNote is comparable to Google Keep
  • Chat & collaboration: Microsoft Teams is comparable to Google Chat

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Microsoft 365, Outlook, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Excel, and Forms are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.  Google, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Keep and Google Chat are trademarks of Google LLC.