MavAPPS is a virtual computer lab for all students and faculty that gives you access to the same University software you'd find in labs on campus, all on your own computer. Use the flexibility of MavAPPS to easily access software anywhere, anytime!

Open MavAPPS

MavAPPS Software

MavAPPS hosts a variety of STEM related University software most used by the fields of aviation, data science, mathematics, statistics, and more. This is the current comprehensive list of MavAPPS software:

  • SPSS 27
  • Maple 15
  • Mathematica 11
  • Stata 13
  • StatTransfer11

Access MavAPPS on Your Computer

Get access to all the MavAPPS software with just one installation of Citrix Receiver. This allows you to open and use the programs without actually downloading them onto your computer - so you can save space on your device and save time!

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