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A service for Minnesota State colleges and universities that provides secure digital document imaging and management for quick, seamless, and accurate information sharing.

What is Perceptive Content?

Perceptive Content is an electronic document imaging and management system for scanning, indexing, and retrieval of documents. It allows the information that is critical to your business to be shared quickly and accurately in a digital format.


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What can Perceptive Content do for me?

With Perceptive Content, you can:

  • Convert paper documents to electronic equivalents, eliminating storage needs and reducing paper consumption.
  • Quickly and easily search for relevant documents digitally - no more filing cabinets!
  • Manage and improve your unique business processes with workflows.
  • And more!

Perceptive Content (ImageNow) Support

Get local or state-wide support for Perceptive Content questions or issues.


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