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Page address: http://www.mnsu.edu/activities/rso/faqs.html

RSOs Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Student Activities office hours?

During the fall and spring semesters, Student Activities office hours are from 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday.  Friday it is open from 8am-4:30pm.  Staff are available from 8am-4:30pm during the week.

How does my RSO obtain an email address?  How do necessary officers gain access?

Once an organization becomes recognized, they may obtain an MSU email account for thier organization(i.e. mystudentgroup@mnsu.edu).  This is a shared folder that officers with permission can access after they log into thier Mav Mail. To request an email account or allow officers to access the folder, contact Steph Stassen in the Student Activities office (CSU 173) or by email (stephanie.stassen-1@mnsu.edu).

How does my RSO reserve rooms for meetings or events?

Contact University Scheduling & Conference Services to reserve rooms.  The office is located in CSU room 219.  Phone:  507-389-2223; E-mail:  university.scheduling@mnsu.edu; Web site:  www.mnsu.edu/scheduling.

How does my RSO obtain an account or funding?

The first step in setting up your RSO for financial activity is obtaining a '9' account.  You will need to obtain an account if your RSO deals with money.  To do this, see Helen Wenner in the Office of Business Affairs in 236 Wigley Administration or by phone at (507)389-2269.

  • Recognized Student Organizations can apply for funding to either bring a program or event to campus or for student travel.  To apply for Student Activity Fees (SAF) funding, follow this link to apply online.
  • RSOs have the unique privilege to fundraise on MSU property. They are limited to three permits per semester. Permits for fundraising are avialable in the Scheduling and Conference Services office (CSU 246, tel: 389-2223).
  • Bake sales fall under the fundraising component (see above).

How do I apply for a TIN/EIN #?  (you need this for fundraising)

To apply for a TIN/EIN:  The direct address to the PDF of the application is [PDF] http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf (115 KiB)  It says employer ID number app, but there is a spot on the app to indicate “Non Profit”. 

 How do I register my RSO?

 For information and step-by-step instructions on registering your RSO on the new online system, click here.  If you are having trouble with any of the online registration components, please contact Student Activities office (CSU 173) 507-389-6076 and ask for:
RSO Graduate Advisor-Steph Stassen or email her (stephanie.stassen-1@mnsu.edu).

What do I need to do in order to plan an event at an establishment that serves alcohol?

Groups planning events at establishments that supply alcohol must apply for permission to do so, even if the group does not plan to serve alcohol as part of the event.  These forms must be approved by administration before the event happens, and thus must be submitted to Laurie Woodward, Director of the Student Union and Activities far in advance of the desired event.

[DOC] Form 1 (286 KiB)

[PDF] Form 2 (82 KiB)

Can we show a movie on campus?

Without getting into all the copywrite law, which you can read at http://www.swank.com/college/copyright.html , it doesn’t matter if the library or an individual owns a particular copy of a film, it cannot be shown publicly without paying licensing fees.  It doesn't matter if someone speaks afterward, if it's a documentary, or if the film is educational.  The library does have some limited funds to secure documentaries for public showings. Groups may also work with the Student Events Team films chair if there is an upcoming new film that would hit the theme you’re looking for.  Otherwise, groups can obtain public showing licences for films through SWANK motion pictures, Criterion Films, or through the film's producers in the case of smaller independent films. 

Who should I contact when planning a larger event?

Please contact the Student Activities office (CSU 173) in addition to Event and Meeting Services if your event has any of the following components:  if you are planning an event expecting a large number of people, special parking arrangements, have off-campus vendors, present potential risks, may need security, draw media attention, or you are planning on allowing underage people to come, please see us for assistance.  We would like to help make your event successful and safe.  See Ashley Strom for assistance in planning.

How do I obtain a new web space for my RSO or re-set the current password for an existing web page?

We will no longer be hosting webpages for RSO's. The new software MavSync (powered by OrgSync) has a website builder for each RSO. If you have questions about this, please contact the RSO Graduate Advisor Steph Stassen at stephanie.stasse-1@mnsu.edu.

Web space will be provided but group is responsible for the creating and maintaining for their webpage.

 How does my RSO request balloons for an event?

Each RSO is allowed 21 balloons per academic year free of charge (no helium provided), after that the fee is $1 per balloon.  To get balloons for an event, fill out the Balloon Request Form at the Student Activities front desk.  The office is able to accommadate most requests if they receive them 1 week in advance.  Since the office is closed on Saturday and Sunday and helium in the balloon only lasts a maximum of 6-8 hours, RSO's needing balloons for weekend events may want to contact Paper Service Plus at (507)345-7277 or Party City at (507)388-6381 as we will not be able to provide them during that time.

 Where and how many flyers can my RSO post on campus?

Only RSOs, University departments, non-profit community organizations, and colleges may be given permission to post on University information boards. Bring your flyers to the Student Activities (CSU 173) front desk to be stamped before posting them. For the six posters being hung up in the CSU, take them to Student Union office (CSU 220). They will stamp and hang your posters for you.

    • Centennial Student Union - 6 (give to Sue in CSU 220)
    • Performing Arts Center - 4
    • Memorial Library - 6
    • Morris Hall - 7
    • Armstrong Hall - 10
    • Nelson Hall - 5
    • Trafton Halls - 10
    • Residential Life - 8 (give to Res Life office CC111)
    • Wiecking Center - 2
    • Highland - 2
    • Health Services - 3 (give to main office CC21)
    • Student Activities - 1
  • Total of 62 posters

What are the vehicle use guidelines for RSOs that would like to use University vehicles?

RSOs may rent University vehicles for travel on MSU functions. They must obtain the signature of their Faculty/Staff advisor and know that he/she is then responsible for any misuse of the vehicle. For complete regulations call Helen Walters at 389-5649.   Make sure to review the newly updated guidelines for using state vehicles at www.mnsu.edu/vehicles.

 How do I know if my organization has been recognized?

If your organization is recognized, it will be listed in the RSO Directory. If you think your RSO should be approved, but do not see it in the Directory, please contact Stephanie Stassen (stephanie.stassen-1@mnsu.edu) to see where it is in the process.  There are many steps to becomming recognized including officer approval, advisor approval, MSSA approval, and finally Student Activities approval.  Steph can tell you where your RSO is in the process so that you can move it to the next step.

What are the Student Activities office summer hours?

During the summer, our office is open from 7:30am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Questions or comments that are not answered on this page? 

Just ask.  Go to http://www.mnsu.edu/activities/rso/contact.php to ask a question or leave a comment. More information is also available in the RSO Handbook.