Connecting With The World: "Netting For FREE Information And Intervention Materials

Judith Maginnis Kuster

Minnesota State University, Mankato






A. The Free "Invisible Web"


€ Cochrane Library -

               abstracts -


€ Center for Reviews and Dissemination

               Includes DARE - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects


€ Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS)


€ What Works Clearinghouse -


€ Campbell Collaboration -

several reviews "in progress" - check


example: Speech and language therapy interventions for children with primary speech and language delay or disorder 

example: Effectiveness of Phonemic Awareness Training on Reading and Spelling Achievement in Elementary School Children

example: Effectiveness of Behavioral-Based Interventions for Stuttering in Children and Adolescents  

example: The effects of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) on prelinguistic behaviors, speech production, and expressive social regulation and communicative functions in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


€ Evidence-Based Practice Briefs -  - on stuttering


€ ASHA's N-CEBP ( members only


€ Clinical Guidelines, Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (2005)                (


€ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)



€ National Guideline Clearinghouse -





€ ERIC database -


€ PubMed - 

               (interface for MEDLINE, National Library of Medicine's  bibliographic database)


€ Combined Health Information Database (CHID) -

are prepared searches on CHID on aphasia, stuttering, TBI



€ TRIP Database -


               Crieria for Determining Disability in Speech-Langauge Disorders


Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects (CRISP) - searchable database of  federally funded biomedical research projects conducted at universities, hospitals, and other research institutions. -


OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man - a catalog of human genes and       genetic disorders


A few additional examples where work on Efficacy Information in ComDis has started online




€ Efficacy in Dysphagia Treatment -

€ Efficacy in Stuttering Treatment


€ Efficacy Information on the Internet in Speech-Language Pathology and

               Audiology -

€ Speech-Language Evidence Based Research -


€ ASHA's National Center for Treatment Efficacy Bibliography  - Still available at      

€ (Bamford-Lahey efficacy bibliographies - no longer online, but still available at





€ EMBASE -  - Gateway to Biomedical and

               Pharmacological Information

€ Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature

       - database - nursing and allied health.

€ OVID -  - electronic medical, health and life sciences information solutions.

€ OCLC FirstSearch -  a nonprofit, membership,

computer library service and research organization

€ Ingenta -  - comprehensive collection of academic and

               professional publications available for online, fax and Ariel delivery

€ HighBeam -  collection of

               articles from leading publications, updated daily and going back as far as 20 years

€ Psycinfo -  - an abstract (not full-text) database of

               psychological literature from the 1800s to the present.

€ The Dome -

       to Resources to  General Resources




€ ASHA Journals - (AJA (complete -1991-present), AJSLP (complete 1992-present) ,

               JSLHR (complete 1997-present), LSHSS - 1990-present) Also has archive of back

               journals - JSHD - 1990 (last year printed) and JSHR from 1990-1996. Great

               member benefit!

€ Free medical Journals Site - 

€ Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

€ High Wire Press

€ Directory of Open Access Journals -

€ Journal of Fluency Disorders

€ Journal of Stuttering Therapy, Advocacy and Research - 

€ ASHA Conference Papers -  Abstract archives starting with 2002 ASHA convention  plus some convention handouts and some PPTs are available for the current the conventions. (2004 papers available at, 2006 papers available at, 2007 handouts are available at

ProQuest Digital Dissertations -

               As a visitor, you will be able to freely access the most current two years of

               citations and abstracts in the Dissertation Abstracts database




Dysphagia Training

An Introduction to Autism

Genetics in the Practice of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conferences       -  (free for students)

Audiology online -

Prentke-Romich -

Passy-Muir -

Linguisystems -

AAC Institute -


Non-peer-reviewed invisible web resources




€ Encyclopedia -


€ Newspapers -



€ Magazines -


Accessing discussion forums and searching archives (also provides opportunities for Personal Connections with those who have had experience)


€ Archives of discussion forums


               € mailing lists - subscribe to individual list for archives of past discussion


                              € listserv

                              € yahoogroups


€ Floortime -  -  "This list will be best for parents and caregivers who are implementing a comprehensive program for their children with autism." - Greenspan list. Has over 1000 members!


€ RecoveredKids -  - "This list is parents of kids recovered or on the road to recovery from autism." Have over 1600 members!


example: Parent reports of what worked for their kids on yahoogroups


               € newsgroups -


Dedicated Internet Databases and Webliographies/Subject Guides




€ Internet Public Library (IPL) -


€ Family Village -


€ US Government Resources


               € National Library of Medicine Directory of Health Organization

                              Online -


               € National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication

                              Disorders (NIDCD) -




               € Caroline Bowen's Communication Disorders Home Page



€ Eric H. Chudler's Neurological Disorder Resources


               € Guide to Otolaryngology Resources on the Internet (maintained by Aletta

 Moore) -


               € Judith Kuster's Net Connections to Communication Disorders



B. The "Visible Web"




€ Quackwatch -



               Evaluate PERFORMANCE

               Evaluate CONTENT

               Additional "challenges"

                              A few "red flags"

                              Understand some "twists"

                              Key word challenges

                              Need to choose the tool carefully

                              Learn Boolean searches

                                             € and - retrieves only item including all the

                                             specified terms (some use +)

                                             € OR - retrieves all items including any of

                                             the specified terms

                                             € not - excludes the term after it (some use -)

                                             € many engines use quotations marks

                                             € combine strategies

                                             € learn "advanced searching"

                              Be willing to explore and learn new search engines

                              Requires practice

                              Don't get side-tracked!



Internet Directories


               € open directory -

               € google directory -

               € -


AutomatedSearch engines


               € Yahoo -


               € alltheweb -

                                             example: Hypernasal Speech Samples


                                             example: stuttering in children



               € altavista -

                                             example: Inner ear -


               € ask-

                              example: Comparison chart - apraxia, dysarthria, severe

                              phonological disorder -


               € clusty -


               € google

example: Treatment Options - Autism Network Resources for Physicians Conventional Interventions


example: Greenspan's site -

example: Hidden Laughter -

example: Relationship-Based Intervention, or Floor-Time by parent,

               David  Nelson -  -

example: Indiana Resource Center

                              example: What is Floor Time 


                              example: Floor Time Stanley GreenspanΉs Model

                                     - search over 700 million posts of newsgroups for

               the past 20 years!  - join if you want, but, search function below works well  - Product search (formerly froogle)

( - Searches university (educational) sites and provides links to search

military and government pages. Formats the Google feature for you.)


            -  Drayna  - Google Scholar a specialized search function that

enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.

A few additional special Google features stuttering



           define:evidence based practice


           conversion, calculator, checking range of numbers


A few additional General Search Engines - not demonstrated


               € netscape -  (uses Google)

               € AOLsearch -  (uses Google)

                              € AOL Video -

               € lycos -  (uses Ask)

               € GoodSearch - (uses Yahoo and each search goes to

                              a favorite charity)


Specialized/Unique Search Engines and Strategies


€ SumSearch -  - a unique method of searching for

               medical evidence

€ Scirus -  - for scientific information

€ Healthfinder -

€ HONcode accredited sites -

€ Infomine -  - scholarly internet resource collections

€ Rhymezone -

€ FindSounds -

€ Podscope -

€ OneLook Dictionary -


Search Engines/Directories Especially for Kids


€ OneKey - / - links to Google's safe search

€ Yahoo kids -


€ Ask for Kids -


€ -

€ Family Filters - on many search engines - e.g. altavista, msnsearch

€ Kids.Net.Au -  - Australian search engine for kids

€ Kids and Teens Open Directory -

€ Kidspace from Internet Public Library -

€ Teenspace Internet Public Library -

€ Berit's Best Sites for Children -


Meta search engines


               € mamma  -  - has a nice feature for searching for health


               € dogpile -

                              example: NeedyMeds -

               € excite -


               € ixquick -

               € metacrawler -

               € pandia -

                              example -


Things to try if you get an "error message"


Check the URL very carefully!

Move backwards or use a search engine - the site may be reorganized

Check the cache in the search engines, or

Check Web Archive - - "Wayback machine"

      - which actually has a link to the wayback machine as well as

               an archived (i.e. "cached") copy.






The following is a sampling of discussion forums relevant to speech-language pathology and audiology. Most are open to anyone, some are closed. The forums and addresses were current when this was printed. Be aware that forums disappear or change locations, and new forums appear all the time, so there are no guarentees that what is listed will remain available, or that new and better ones haven't been formed.


Mailing Lists - most common is "listserv"


               provide forums to discuss topics

               host computer holds subscriber email addresses

               message to the list address is relayed to all subscribers

               subscription is free

               most are "open"


Commands to remember



               unsubscribe (or signoff)


Subscribing and using a listserv


Computer address - to subscribe, review, or unsubscribe

               e.g. -

List address - to send messages to all subscribers



Some warnings


               1. don't believe everything you read

               2. know where you are in cyberspace

               3. don't subscribe to too many

               4. use the delete key

               5. use good subject lines


SEARCHING for Discussion Forums


€ - keyword searchable archives of a list announcing new lists.


€ -  Reference Site is a searchable catalog of nearly 60,000 public listsearch 2008of 391,600 listservs!)


Examples of mailing lists (listservs)


A few mailing lists relevant to SLPs


APRAXIA-KIDS@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU is a list parents and professionals interested in children with apraxia. To subscribe send following message to subscribe Apraxia-kids firstname lastname


DOWN-SYN@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU is a forum for the discussion of Down Syndrome.  To subscribe, send the message subscribe Down-syn firstname lastname to


CAPD@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG is a forum about Central Auditory Processing Disorders. To subscribe, send the subscribe capd firstname lastname to


STROKE-L@LSV.UKY.EDU is a forum on cerebral-vascular disease for the exchange of ideas and information among professionals, stroke survivors and their support system. To subscribe, send the  message subscribe Stroke-L firstname lastname to


ACOLUG@LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU (Augmentative Communication On-Line Users' Group) was created to exchange ideas, information and experiences on augmentative communication. To subscribe send the message subscribe acolug firstname lastname to an open mailing list for those interested in Voice.  Subscribe by sending the following message to, subscribe sid3voice firstname lastname.


DYSPHAGIA@B9.COM is an open mailing list. To subscribe, follow the directions on


STUTT-L@LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU is a mailing list for consumers and professionals interested in stuttering. To subscribe send the following message to, subscribe stutt-l firstname lastname


Archives of mailing lists - must be a member to access

               € stutt-l -


Examples of Yahoo Groups


€ - for creating independent mailing lists. You can subscribe through a web-based subscription or by sending the following message to  


Several yahoo groups are very relevant to SLPs


PHONOLOGICALTHERAPY  is a list for clinicians, including student clinicians, clinical phonology researchers and university teachers.


CHILDDEVDELAYS  offers support to parents of children with developmental delays (speech and language, motor, cognitive, sensory, emotional and social, etc.).


SLPTALK  is designed to provide a support network for speech-language pathologists.providing feedback and suggestions to one another..


CHILD_LANGUAGE is a forum for both information and support intended for parents of children with language disorders and professionals dealing with them. It consists mostly of people from India and deals primarily with autism spectrum disorders.


SLPSSTUTTERING is for SLPs who are interested in stuttering, want the latest research information, would like some ideas for kids/teens on their caseload and/or want to hang out on the list until they get a kid who stutters on their caseload.


LATETALKERS  is a list about late talking children


LATETALKKIDS - this list supports families of late talking children who show strong analytical skills, which can include excellent memories, puzzle solving abilities and mechanical aptitudes. This is not a list for parents of autistic children but instead is a subgroup of late talking children who are not autistic.


SLPSCOMMUNICATE - a list for Speech/Language/Communication Professionals (SLPs, SLTs, CDAs, and SLAs) from around the world discussing therapy and intervention issues for children and adults with developmental disabilities.


NECKBREATHERS - for adults and teens who have trachs. To exchange information and to have fun.


STUTTERINGCHAT  - Online support for people who stutter. 


CLUTTERING - online list about cluttering


STROKESURVIVORS -  A place to exchange our stories and information with others recovering from stroke, or providing care to stroke survivors.


CLUBRETT -  is for adults who have a child with Rett Syndrome Angel in their life.


FRAGILEX - a forum for parents and family members of children who have fragile x syndrome, to share and help eachother through.


ABINEWS2U -  is to inform, educate, and enlighten others about TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or ABI (Acquired Brain Injury)


BEYOND-HEARING is a support group for people with hearing loss, often partial or acquired.


TSVOICESURGERY -  a group for women and men who have had or are considering surgery to raise (or lower) the pitch of their voice.


YAHOOGROUPS messages are also usually archived and available for group members to read at the web address for  the mailing list. In fact you can subscribe to the list and not receive any email, just go to the archive and read what you want to. Sign onto a relevant yahoogroups and check the archives - many contain "treasures."


Creating Your Own Mailing List


Creating your own mailing/discussion list -- -- Follow the directions to create your own mailing list (Start a New Group). It can be anything you want - a "cousin's list," a "family list," a "high school friends' list," a "let's exchange therapy ideas list," or whatever you want. Invite me to join. Then you can keep or delete your list.


Web-based discussion forums


Threaded discussions


€ Speaking of Speech -

€ BrainTalk Communities -

€ ASHA's discussion forums -

€ ISAD conferences - linked to


Newsgroups -




                              Clinical Cases -



Text/video chat

               € Skype -


Viruses, Hoaxes and Scams


€ Vmyths -

€ Truth or Fiction -

€ Snopes -

€ Computer Internet Advisory Site -




€ - Switchboard

Like a CD-ROM telephone directory. Can search by complete name, last name only, last name and city.  Has email search and map-making capabilities


€ - Anywho

Phone and Address. Has a map-making feature, reverse phone number

feature and links to international directories.


€ - Yahoo's People Search

A large database of  e-mail addresses and telephone number search.


€ - Lycos people search

               Phone and Address. Has a web search option. Reverse phone number.


€ - InfoSpace

                has a reverse phone and address feature. Do not use periods and type exactly


€ - Zaba Search

               provides birthday month and home and business address free


€ - The Ultimates - like a meta search engine


€ - Google's finding phone numbers


€ - white pages


€ - Shows where area code and prefix is from.


€ - map and directions


€ - map and directions


€ - ASHA directory

Accessible only to ASHA members. Members may search for other members, add or remove their listing, and check and update their listing.


€  - Mike Conlon's


€  - Scott Bradley's


€ Review appropriate mailing lists


€ Examples of public records online


€  - US Search - fee-based

€  - some partial open records, most fee-based

€  -- public records online, including                property records

€  - public records for various states

€  - free access to Public Records - over 1330     state, county, city and federal (court) URL's


€  - state criminal records for many states, federal                prisoners, deadbeat docs who defaulted on student loans


€ Examples of genealogy resources online


€  - Social Security Death              Index



€  - nearly 25,000 genealogy mailing lists

€ - Church of Later Day Saints site


copyright - Judith Maginnis Kuster

October 2008