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Is Office 365 in the Cloud different than Office 365 ProPlus for the Desktop?

Applications in the Cloud such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are considered light versions of their desktop equivalents; this means that certain features have been taken out to assure the online versions work quickly across a variety of internet speeds. Advanced functionality is retained in their desktop equivalents on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Can I keep Office 365 ProPlus after I graduate?

You must be enrolled in the University to retain access to the applications. After a short period of time, the software license will expire requiring users to purchase the software. You will still be able to view Microsoft Office documents after the license expires.

What versions of Microsoft Office are including with the download?

The downloads are the latest versions of Microsoft Office for all operating systems - Windows users will be downloading Office 2013, and Mac OS users will be downloading Office 2016.

When I send an email or calender invitation, I receive an error that says "message undeliverable", even though I've sent items to them before. Why am I getting this?

Office 365 catalogs information differently than older versions of Outlook; ITS has created step-by-step guides to help you reconfigure your client to assure your data is getting through.

Will OneDrive be replacing MavDISK?

No, ITS has no plans for replacing MavDISK with OneDrive at this time. Although the service is now available to users, our documentation of OneDrive is currently ongoing. If you wish to use the service, ITS encourages you to watch the tutorials on the software and to always have backups of your files.

My email used to be "MavMAIL", now it says "Office 365 Outlook", why did this change?

MavMAIL used to be an instance of Outlook online that the University rebranded. Once the capabilities to rebrand Office 365 become available, it will soon follow a theme that is reflective of Minnesota State Mankato. The email service is still called MavMAIL despite it's current title in the application. This brief, 3-minute video: Overview of Office 365, will help introduce you to the new interface.

Why is MavMAIL not allowing me to log in while I'm using Safari?

In order to have the Office 365 applications work as intended, you'll need to make sure you have the latest version of your browser. Please select your browser below to download the latest version.

I've been receiving a lot of spam email lately, why?

Several reasons for this have been identified:

  • Mail flow now goes through Microsoft's anti-spam solution, which originally had settings that were less aggressive to ensure legitimate messages were not being blocked immediately after the transition. Current security settings for MavMAIL are now much more aggressive.
  • Certain MNSU email addresses were recently the target of an aggressive phishing attempt by a malicious party. Accounts that were compromised are now safe and the situation has since been resolved.

In addition, if you receive spam email, make sure to forward it to

When I use the iDivert button to direct phone calls to my voicemail, my phone continues to ring, why?

ITS has identified a 1-2 second delay when using iDivert; we have reported the issue to the vendor to have it resolved. In addition, if your callers hear a fast tone rather than a greeting when leaving a voicemail, please report the incident to the ITS Service Desk with the phone number that was called.

What if I get redirected to a page like the one below when signing in?

To fix this, type "" into your address bar (where you put web page addresses in your web browser). When the mavmail page loads, login using your StarID and password.  ITS is currently working with Microsoft to address this issue.

What if my question isn't answered here?

You can find more answers at IT Solutions, send an email to the IT Solutions Center, stop by the IT Solutions Center located in the Academic Computer Center (ACC): Wissink Hall 121, or give them a call at 507-389-6654.