Windows 7

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  1. Click on the Start Menu and click on the Control Panel option.

  2. Click on the Network and Internet icon.

    Screenshot: Control Panel

  3. Click on the Network and Sharing Center option.

    Screenshot: Network and Internet

  4. Look on the left side of menu and click on Change adapter settings.

    Screenshot: Network and Sharing Center

  5. Select one of the icons displayed, and Right Click on it.

    Screenshot: Change adapter settings

    (Common names for this are Local Area Connection, and Wireless Network Connection.)

    • If a User Account Control window will appear asking for your permission to continue, just click Continue.

  6. In this properties window there will be a list of services and protocols associated with your network connection. Scroll through the list and find the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IP4). Highlight this option and select the Properties button.

    Screenshot: Local Area Connection Properties

  7. In the TCP/IP Properties window, be sure to select the option for automatically obtaining an IP address and DNS server. After making these selections, click on the Advanced… button.

    Screenshot: Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties

  8. Under the IP Settings tab, be sure that 'DHCP Enabled' appears and that no gateways are listed under 'Default Gateways.'

    Screenshot: Advanced TCP/IP Settings

  9. Select the DNS tab and make sure that there are no DNS server addresses listed.

    Screenshot: Advanced TCP/IP Settings -- DNS tab

  10. Select the WINS tab and make sure that no WINS addresses are listed.

    Screenshot: Advanced TCP/IP Settings -- WINS tab

  11. Select OK to close the Advanced TCP/IP Settings and the TCP/IP Properties window.
  12. Select Close to exit the Local Area Connection Properties window.
  13. Refer to the Registration section for additional setup instructions.