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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Technology Services Five Year Plan

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Comprehensive ITS Strategic Plan
MSU Strategic Goal Alignment FY14
Technology Service's 5-year plan Presentation October 30, 2012


Technology Services FY 16 Plan

* Service and Process Improvement

  • Goal: Web Application Development with ImageNow and SharePoint to reduce waste, streamline business processes and improve workflow.
    • Hire Office 365 / SharePoint developer to develop applications and workflows [August 20, 2015] [COMPLETED]
    • Develop applications and new business processes for colleges and departments that will improve service to students.[COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Improve integration, interoperability and ease-of-use of unified communication systems.
    • Develop analysis and improvement plan [COMPLETED]
    • Communicate plan and buy-in from shared governance [COMPLETED]
    • Implement improvements [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Improve security systems and move management toward the end-users.
    • Gap analysis of current physical security systems. Systems include card access systems, emergency broadcast systems, key management systems, etc. [COMPLETED]
    • Design improvement recommendations [COMPLETED]
    • Communicate proposed improvements to campus stakeholders. [COMPLETED]
    • Implement changes. [COMPLETED]


* Superlative Access To Data

  • Goal: Replace network edge switches
    • Purchase equipment and licenses [COMPLETED]
    • Implement plan for switch replacement [August 2015 - October 2015] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Replace campus VoIP telephones that are end-of-life
    • Purchase replacement equipment [COMPLETED]
    • Replace campus telephones [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Improve wireless coverage and performance 
    • Purchase new wireless access points [COMPLETED]
    • Install 45 access points in high-density heavily-used classrooms [July - August 2015] [COMPLETED]
    • Install 30 access points in CSU to improve coverage and overloaded APs. [COMPLETED]
    • Install 5 access points in Memorial Library to improve coverage and overloaded APs [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Assist Res Life with High-Density wireless initiative
    • Design network upgrade [COMPLETED]
    • Purchase equpment and licenses [COMPLETED]
    • Installation of equipment [COMPLETED]


Technology Services FY 15 Plan

Technology Service's FY 14 Plan

* Service and Process Improvement

  • Goal: Web Application Development with ImageNow reduce waste, streamline business processes and improve workflow.
    • Hire ImageNow developer to develop applications and workflows [November 1, 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • Develop applications for HR, Graduate Studies and Admissions [January 2013] [HOLD]
  • Goal: Enable business process reengineering through use of technology and process improvement techniques.  [HOLD]
  • Goal: Assess ITS service offerings for alignment, providers, cost and effectiveness
    • Complete internal assessment of service offering - align with Minnesota State, University and ITS strategic goals [December 2013] 
    • Participate in peer reviews [COMPLETED- Educase CDS]
    • Define service performance targets [December 2013] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Define scorecards to assess progress towards strategic goals, service and process health  [HOLD]

* Superlative Access To Data

  • Goal: Start looking at moving many of our services to the cloud
    • Faculty/staff communication services along with voicemail service [spring 2014] [COMPLETED]
    • Evaluation of personal drive storage [January 2014] [COMPLETED]
    • Virtual cloud computing - begin testing cloud computing [winter 2013-2014] [HOLD]
  • Goal: Improve reliability, security and speed of wireless data communication
    • Expansion of wireless coverage and improved density in high-demand areas [fall 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • Wireless management replacement [November 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • Wireless controller replacement [winter break 2013-2014] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Replace network switches to provide improved performance and reliability
    • Phase I - Begin November 2013 - spring 2014 (70 switches) [10 Switches December] [Morris Hall, Wigley Admin and Armstrong Hall COMPLETED]
    • Academic Computer Center recable and switch replacement [winter break 2013-2014] [COMPLETED]

      Note: multi-year project dependant on funding
  • Goal: Replace core network routers and firewalls to improve performance and reliability
    • Firewall and boarder router replacement (awaiting equipment from Minnesota State/MN.IT [winter break 2013-2014] [COMPLETED]
    • Core router/switch replacement [COMPLETED]
    • Fiber redundancy paths to redundant core [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Implement technology to improve use of mobile devices for student learning.
    • MavPRINT Mobile student printing [October 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • Test Xerox mobile print option [Awaiting CSC RFP] [not completed]
    • Mobile management solution [December 2013]  [not completed]
    • Office 2013 on MavAPPS [August 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • Upgrade and expansion of cellular data repeater system [January 2014] [HOLD till 2018]
  • Goal: Streamline and improve business processes and access to information to improve service to students.
    • Review services and business processes [November - December 2013] [HOLD]
  • Goal: Implement universal StarID authentication system for MSU students, faculty and staff.
    • Testing and planning [August - October 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • Pilot and automation [November 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • StarID migration [December 19, 2013] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Implement QlikView dashboards for self-service reporting.
    • Implementation anticipated January 2014. [NOT FUNDED]
  • Goal: Move Disaster Center Critical Services to Co-Location Center in Scott County.
    • Projected for Summer 2014 [CANCELLED]
    • Need to purchase blade-type server to reduce footprint to two racks. [COMPLETED]
    • Establish agreement with MN.IT to use Scott County POP. [CANCELLED]

* Professional and Effective Staff

  • Goal: Continue training in best-practice frameworks (ITIL, etc.)
    • Continuous Service Improvement [July 2013]  [DISCONTINUED]
    • Cisco Mobility Wireless Design Clinic [December 12, 2013] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Continue to train staff in specific technologies (MSSQL, SharePoint, etc)
    • SQL Server, System Center training [October - January 2013] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Present and attend conferences for exposure to current best practices
    • Educause 2013 [COMPETED]
    • Minnesota State IT Conference 2014 [COMPLETED]
    • MN Government IT Symposium 2013 [COMPLETED]
    • Kaltura Annual Conference [COMPLETED]

* Relationships, Partnerships and Communication

  • Goal: Implement new service catalog and related websites
    • ITS Service Catalog [COMPLETED]
    • ITS Technical Services catalog - for StarID services [October 5, 2013] [COMPLETED]
    • ITS Technical Services Website redesign [January 10, 2014] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Develop and promote media management and distribution of platform (MavTUBE) to enhance the strategic use of media throughout the University.
    • Develop MavTUBE and SharePoint roll-based access to content [September 2013] [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Expand Services to ImageNow Institutions Within Minnesota State.
    • Added Central Lakes College December 2013 [COMPLETED]
    • Proposal to add Lake Superior College [COMPLETED]
  • Goal: Share Computing Resources and Services with Minnesota State Schools.
    • Off-Site Backup Co-Location Service for Normandale [December 2013] [HOLD]
  • Goal: Continue and Develop Partnerships with Businesses and Government Entities.
    • Execute Co-Location Service Agreement with Scott County [CANCELLED]



  • StarID Migration [December 19, 2013]
  • MavPRINT Student Mobile Printing [October 2013] READY FOR ROLLOUT
  • QlikView - Institutional Research Reporting [October 2013] [CANCELLED]

  • Data Warehouse and Analytics Projects [CANCELLED]

    WAN Failover Redundancy Project [Winter break 2013-2014]  [COMPLETED]

    Firewall Replacement Project [Winter break 2013-2014]  [COMPLETED]

    ImageNow Audit [August - October 2013] [COMPLETED]

  • Network Switch Replacement (71 Switches) [Begin December 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • Office 365 - Voicemail Service and Faculty/Staff Cloud Migration [spring 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • MavNET Wireless Controller and Service Replacement [winter break 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • Hydra CAP Server Upgrade [December 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • VMware to Hyper-V Migration [Winter 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • Hyper-V to Azure Cloud migration [Spring 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • Cellular Repeater Expansion [January 2014] [CANCELLED]

  • Lync 2010 to 2013 upgrade [TBD]  [COMPLETED]

  • SharePoint 2010 to 2013 upgrade [TBD] [CANCELLED]

  • Anti-Virus Software Replacement [September 2013] [COMPLETED]

  • Box Cloud Storage [Evaluation starting November 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • QIP Replacement [TBD] [CANCELLED]

  • Network Monitoring Replacement (Nagios) [Fall 2013]  [COMPLETED]

  • USB Charging Stations and Laptop Charging Stations [TBD]  [COMPLETED]

  • Key Box Replacement [TBD] [COMPLETED]

  • RFP - Long Distance Service [January 2014] [HOLD]

  • Xerox Faculty/Staff Mobile Printing [HOLD FOR CSC RFP]

  • ACC Recable and Switch Replacement [Winter break 2013-2014] 

  • Replace Marginal UPSs and Batteries in Wiring Closets [October 2013) [COMPLETED]

    MavTUBE - [September 2013] [COMPLETED]

  • MavNET Access Point Expansion (76 Access points) [August - September 2013] [COMPLETED]

  • MavAPPS - Office 2013 Virtual Applications [August 2013] [COMPLETED]