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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

New Page Creation

Page address:

This information includes options that will be applied to the page you are creating.

Creating a New Page

  1. Type the name of the file you would like to create in the file name Input box.
    filename screen
    Note: The file name can only use lowercase letters and numbers.
    Note: Do not include a file extension in the input box, for example ".html" would create an error.
  2. Select the number of columns to be used in the content area.
    Note: One column is the standard, but two can be used if needed.
  3. Select whether or not you want the new page to appear in the left menu.
    Note: Yes is the standard, but no can be used if needed.
  4. Click on the create page button button.
    Note: Your new page is now located in the Site Menu Editor list. Use the instructions on the Site Menu Editor page to provide proper identification for this new page within your site navigation.