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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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This is a basic page. It features one column within the white space you see here and can be extended down as far as you possibly want. There are 6 different levels of headings that can run down these pages, where number 1 is always at the top as the title of the page itself.

This is a Second Level Heading, H2

This is a Third Level Heading, H3

This is a Fourth Level Heading, H4

This is a Fifth Level Heading, H5
This is a Sixth Level Heading, H6

Example ImageThere can be images on either side of the text, both, above, below, really anywhere you want it to fit. This can cause the text to wrap around it, like it does here.

The Standard page is designed for complete customization to be able to allow for all sorts of content to be placed within it. A great example of a Standard page is