Diversity Commission Meeting Minutes

Present: Betty Young, Co-Chair; Henry Morris, Co-Chair; Linda Duckett,
Co-Chair; Jessica Flatequal, Tom Gjersvig, Kelly Meier, John Seymour.

Absent: Loretta DeLone, Ricardo Muggli, Michael Fagin, Calvin Moultrie,
Hanh Huy Phan, Julie Snow, Michelle Washington Carter, Kenneth

Others Present: Marcius Brock, Co-Chair of the Student Affairs Diversity

Meeting called to order.

I         Student Affairs’ role in Diversity Report provided by Marcius
Brock, Student Affairs Diversity Committee Co-Chair.

II        Discussion of sub-groups and committee assignment preferences:
Discussion of sub-groups by Betty Young (Campus Climate), Linda
Duckett (Recruit, Enroll, Retain), and Henry Morris (Recruit, Hire, Retain).
Action needed: members need to e-mail co-chairs their committee assignment preferences


III       Discussion of meeting times for spring semester:
Possible spring term meeting times: Wednesday/ Thursday 10-11:30 OR Tuesday 3:30.
Action needed: members need to e-mail their schedules to co-chairs
Decision made: have-weekly meetings

IV       Discussion of commission charges, assignments, and ways we can work together:
Diversity co-chairs met with co-chairs of Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). 
Decision made: Diversity and CSW leadership to meet regularly on a monthly basis.

V        By next semester (Spring 2007) we will have President Davenport’s
response to the Diversity Commission 2005-2006 report.

VI       Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) office update given by Jessica Flatequal.

VII      CSW bullying survey report given by Kelly Meier.

VIII     Other discussions:
Feasibility of including a category to include diversity efforts in all performance evaluations and hiring notices. 
Systemic problems within the MSU.
Considered how we can showcase pockets of success.

IX.      Co-chairs asked members to submit agenda items by e-mail for the next meeting.

Meeting Adjouned.
Minutes submitted by: Linda Duckett