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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Maintenance Service Contracts Online

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  1. $50,000 or Less – No advertising is needed. A Request for Proposal (RFP) process is done by completing this form. Submit to Donna Hensel @ Solicitation handled by Facilities Purchasing.
  2. $50,000 or More – Advertising is needed. The RFP template can be found on the Purchasing Web Site: Department fills out RFP. If over $100,000, approval from Minnesota State is needed. Call FPC for instructions @ 5016.
  3. Make sure funds are available in an active cost center. Then create a purchase order for the estimated amount with a suggested vendor.

Fields with * are required

Minnesota State University, Mankato is seeking a qualified contractor to enter into a Maintenance/Service Master Contract to provide:

Mark N/A if not applicable to contract:

Please suggest vendors:

  • If estimated under $25,000, must send to one vendor (two recommended).
  • If estimated under $50,000, must send to two vendors (required).

$50,000 or less

Once the information requested above is received, the FPC will send a request for proposal letter along with the description of the work and the fee schedule table to the suggested companies and a copy of the contract and insurance requirements. If a due date is requested, it can be coordinated between the FPC and the MSU authorized representative.

$50,000 or more

The FPC will get approval from MnSCU for service amount over $100,000. Once approval is received, FPC will send out RFP that is written up by authorized representative from MSU. FPC will advertise and send out to suggested vendors.

Other Contract Information

  • Bids will be opened and authorized representative will go over responses and provide the FPC with a written notice of who to award the bid.
  • FPC will prepare contract (MnSCU034) along with letter of award and send to awarded company.
  • When FPC receives the contract back signed by the company, Finance & Administration reviews and signs, and the FPC sends a fully executed copy of the contract to the company along with Letter to Proceed. The FPC will provide supervisor (MSU rep) with an electronic Notice to Proceed and the contract.
  • If a contract is set up for five years, the dollar amount cannot be exceeded before the five years are up without an amendment. An unadvertised RFP dollar amount cannot exceed $50,000. An advertised RFP cannot exceed $100,000 without MnSCU approval. The master contract can only be used up to the total obligation amount on the contract (unless amended) and cannot exceed the above thresholds.
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