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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Veteran’s Day Holiday

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Veteran’s Day is fast approaching on Wednesday, November 11th, 2009. In accordance with the established university calendar, offices remain open and classes will be in session for students. However, effective with this academic year, please note that Veteran’s Day is an observed holiday for the following classified employees: AFSCME, Commissioner’s Plan, MAPE and MMA. As such, these employee’s are not scheduled to work.

ONLY if a supervisor deems it an essential business need will these employees be permitted to work.

For all other employees, it is a regular work day, unless you have obtained prior approval from your supervisor to take the day off. It is not a day for employees to ask if they can work as there is no alternate/substitute holiday.

Due to the holiday falling on a payroll period, we will be requesting timesheets in advance of that week. Please note the following procedures for completing timesheets over Veteran’s Day:

Classified Employees:

AFSCME, Commissioner’s Plan, MAPE, MMA (not scheduled to work):

  • Record your hours in the “Holiday Taken” line of the timesheet for November 11
  • If it is deemed by your supervisor that there is an essential business need for you to work, please record hours worked in the “Holiday Worked” line on your timesheet

Managerial Plan, MGEC, MNA:

  • If you work - record your hours under ‘Regular Hours Worked’ on your timesheet. You will then receive a substitute/alternate holiday that shows up on your 12/4/09 pay stub. The alternate holiday will appear in the earnings section as “Work No Pay#” with a 1 under the ‘Hours’ column. Please note that the ‘1’ does not mean that only one hour was received for the alternate holiday, however, rather that you received one day. MGEC is paid according to the contract.
  • As done last year and with your earned floating holiday, Human Resources will track the use of the substitute/ alternate holiday and toward the end of this fiscal year notify individuals who have not used it. Each employee will be allowed to use the substitute/alternate holiday at their choosing, subject to prior approval by their supervisor. It must be used within the current fiscal year -- by June 30, 2010 -- or it will be forfeited. When you use the substitute/ alternate holiday, simply indicate on that respective timesheet in the “Other” area that you are using the substitute/alternate holiday.

Unclassified Employees:

ASF & Administrators

  • If you work - record your hours in the “Holiday Worked” line on your timesheet. You will then receive a substitute/alternate holiday that will show up in your leave balances when they are emailed to you.
  • If you do not work the entire day, please record your hours in the “Holiday Taken” line of the timesheet for November 11

If you have any questions regarding the Veteran’s Day holiday, please contact JoAnn Scholtz at ext. 2464.