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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Music Industry Activities and Achievements

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Selected Highlights 

  • Sammi Johnson and Aaron Harrington ran the Jazzfest, from initial scheduling to staffing to live mixing and stage managing. They are now working on more festival ideas for next year.
  • Brittany Fogelman was elected Concert Company Chair for the university-wide Student Activities Board, Student Events Team, giving her the opportunity to produce events such as Atmosphere, Cloud Cult, Battle of the Bands, Singer/Songwriter Contest, and many more. She also gained experience in leadership, negotiations, and promotions. Thanks also to her team: Ashley Fredericks, Will Malloy, Rose Caswell, Outi Marttilla, Chelsea Phillips, Nicole Marella, James Raymer, Jordan Ashbacher, Kelly Sieberg, and Melissa Sjoberg.
  • Brittany McDowell, an MI student last Fall, was also an exceptional leader on the campus Student Events Team team. 
  • The Social Media class tackled professional social media production and management for five different clients, all across the country, in part under the auspices of Ariel Publicity, the leading national firm for cyber-based music promotions. The results were simply smashing, for example: Scottie Miller reports that his social media activity increased by about 80%, reaching out effectively as far as his fans in Australia, where he subsequently enjoyed a successful tour.
  • Eliseo De La Torre became the regional manager for the band Sue City, showing particularly gratifying results with social media and merchandise sales. Eliseo is also coordinating with Sue City's agent in Minneapolis, and is finding other local venues for that agent's other bands in southern Minnesota. He was ably assisted by Steve Ebner.
  • Carissa Guse ran both Recording Services and the Gearheards tech management team, which is, frankly, enough work for three people. The result was nevertheless a flawless year. Her first officers was Gena Johnson and Dan Anderson, and they were expertly assisted by Erik Neseth, Nicole Doorenbos, Aaron Harrington, Nick Kolstad, Sammi Johnson, and Andy Kunz. The teams were also a critical part of the development of the “silent studio,” now approaching final construction in PAC 304.
  • Chelsea Phillips produced the exceptionally catchy and fun event the Punk Rock Prom at the CSU last term, and handled bookings for the local venue The Coffee Hag during the year.
  • Abbie Christensen produced a major five-band event, “Music for Mutts,” a “badass benefit” for the ASPCA, at Buster's. She raised cash and in-kind donations of $4000. This required an exceptional amount of planning, and a strong execution team: Rose Caswell, Nick Kolstad, Rachel Mogck, Chelsea Phillips, James Raymer, and Brittany Fogelman. Detailing included merch sales, T-shirt design, radio interviews and promos, and a lot more. Dustin Hackworth handled some promo responsibilities, and served as liaison between Abbie and her class team in the Spring semester.
  • Dustin Hackworth also produced/directed an E.P. for Dr. Lee and the Terminally Chill, a regional music sensation and winners of this year's MSU Battle of the Bands. His production tasks included lyric rewrites, studio production, art direction and retailing. Dustin and Lee Henke are Dr. Lee band members.
  • Nick Kolstad spent 60+ hours designing, mounting and tweaking an elaborate professional website for his band.
  • Cole Bawek was the executive assistant to the Mankato Symphony Orchestra, a major responsibility for which he was chosen from a select group of upper class MI students. He also took on full direction of a regional beauty pageant, the Miss Arcadia event. He survived the commute, the ordeal of the production, and the ribbing of his fellow students, making it the best pageant in its history.
  • Andy Kunz produced a most excellent music video, featuring a cast of dozens, for the East coast duet Seth and Zakk. He has also been researching the viability of a particularly clever idea for a web-based equipment review site. He was also a utility outfielder for several other teams.
  • Jordan Ashbacher turned an unpaid assistantship into very profitable employment, working for regional DJ and party-planning service Elegant Affairs. He is now DJ-ing as well as hosting significant events. He also ran tech for David Neilsen's senior recital, which involved elaborate visual materials production and presentation, among other things.
  • Rachel Tenney was a broadcast DJ and producer for our college station KMSU. She also assisted the Elegant Affairs team, and Cole Bawek's Miss Arcadia production.
  • Nikki Doorenbos has been researching contacts and information in the area of contemporary Christian music management and production, including festival and megachurch production.
  • James Raymer tackled web promotions for the Concert Wind Ensemble, which involved slideshow and video editing, as well as web layout.
  • Lee Henke took over social media management for local retailer Rhapsody Music, including innovative video production and other content. He is now successfully employed there. Lee also shot and helped produce and edit a significant video for the MSU Music Education site landing page.
  • MI faculty leader Rich Meitin oversaw the above, as well as developing related contacts and ideas with local and national organizations that provided the program with some of the rich opportunities described herein. Rich also produced over 30 teleconferences or Skype visits with a variety of MI experts and artists across the country. He wrapped up a 2-year phase of developing a major web-presence and all related content for the Music Industry and Music Education programs at MSU. He gives thanks to other faculty and to our great university Integrated Marketing team for notable and numerous contributions.
  • Dale Haefner's Concert Production class produced a two-band performance at a local venue, designed and placed the display ad and poster, developed advertising funds and did pre-show stage set-up and stage strike. Strong work by Eliseo, Chelsea, Jordan, Brittany , James and Dustin.

CONGRATULATIONS to all — looking forward to a quick start and even more productivity next year!