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Erin Drevlow Weichel

Erin Drevlow Weichel
Erin Drevlow Weichel didn't intend to move back to her hometown of
Bismarck, ND, but she's making the most of her life there.

Erin Drevlow Weichel is one of those people who, when you catch up with her years later, you wish you'd
have gotten to know better when you had the chance.

Talking in the living room of her parents' home in her hometown of Bismarck, ND, about all of her teaching, directing
and musical involvement, you also realize much of the training for her to become who she is now probably came AFTER
she left Minnesota State University, Mankato.  So getting to know her now is like getting to know her for the first time.

While at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Erin appeared in such shows as A Doll's House, Guys and Dolls, The Will Rogers
and Marvin's Room, for which she shaved her head to depict a woman going through cancer treatments.  Like her
character, Erin was never afraid about opening herself up.

In that same spirit, she headed east to live and work in New York, a big leap to a big city that she'd never even visited before.  
Unlike in college, where a poor audition could be saved because of the director/teacher's knowledge of her better class work,
in New York the auditions were strenuous, constant and unforgiving.  She left New York and returned to Bismarck when
her father suffered a stroke and she was needed at home, albeit a different home than the one she'd grown up in.

While she needed directions to get to her parents' new home, she has found her new direction in life pretty well set.

Now Erin is married to a man she met back in Bismarck, is keeping busy teaching with the Music degree she has earned, coaching
speech and directing play productions, including a heavy dose of Shakespeare for all ages.  She still also tends to her parents,
but with the help of an understanding husband, despite his undeveloped love for theatre, she is able to say yes to most every
opportunity that comes along.  And she's loving life, so much that they're working to start their own family now.

She admits that she's right where she's supposed to be.  But knowing her, it won't be for long.


Erin in Marvin's Room
For her role in Marvin's Room (2004), Erin shaved her head to play a woman
going through chemotherapy treatments. With her is Sophia Bera.

View a video interview with Erin here.

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