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Chris Bell

Chris Bell
Chris Bell grew up in St. Peter, MN, and he jokes about making the long trip to Mankato—
about 12 miles south of there—for his college training. Since graduating, however, he
has traveled much farther while staying true to his smalltown sensibilities and training.

Chris Bell—or Christian D. Bell as he was known in his student playbills—traveled the 12 miles
from hometown St. Peter to Minnesota State Mankato to study theatre. Since then, he has
traveled throughout the United States and the world practicing what he was taught. And
he's done so while adding an activist message of sorts.

Through the University of Amsterdam, he and a couple of friends insinuated themselves in
a small farming village in Ireland, soaking in the history of the town and its people with plans
to create a show. Or as they called it, a PerFarmance. Try to say that without sounding like you've
got a pretty good Irish dialect. Shortly after he graduated in 2002, Chris spent some time in
London, working at the Westminster Abbey bookstore and taking in the international lifestyle.
Although he has spent some years in the States since then, it's pretty clear when you sit down to talk
with him that he enjoys the chance to discover the world.

Chris Bell in A Christmas Carol
As a student, Chris Bell played the lead role in A Christmas Carol (2002).

View a video interview with Chris here.

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