Meet Some of Our
Working Alumni:
Craig Ellingson

Craig Ellingson
Craig Ellingson went directly from his graduate work
at Minnesota State Mankato to his teaching/directing work
at Minnesota State Moorhead. Now he serves as the
Director of Theatre.

Even though his graduate work at Mankato was during the time it was a two-year program,
Craig Ellingson managed three summers of Highland Summer Theatre...and he loved it.
In fact, although he came to graduate school with a strong work ethic, it's safe to say he fine-tuned
it and has been practicing it effectively with the Straw Hat Players, who for their 50th anniversary
in 2013 presented six fully mounted productions—including four musicals.

One of the big reasons he chose Mankato was that it would give him the opportunity not only
to act but to direct. And, as it turns out, to produce an original children's theatre production,
The Snow Queen, that went out on tour. In his work with three different performance people,
as well as dance and vocal work, he says he was encouraged to explore many areas and become
a stronger performer.

Ellingson said he loves to work quickly as well as intensely, primarily so he can instill in his
students a sense of their craft and ownership in what will become their art. He also credits his time
in Mankato with equipping him to handle many of the programming and administrative responsibilities
of his job and the Straw Hat Players.

All in all, it appears he practiced what he now preaches to his students: You have to work your
program in order to get out of it everything you need upon graduation.

The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen (1997) featured Ben Thietje, Amy Jo Krueger,
David Tacheny, Shawn Ashley and Sarah Bizek

View a video interview with Craig here.

The Medora Musical 2013: Technicians Matt Gilbertson & Dana Kleiman,
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