Arsenic and Old Lace
Directed by Sally Bronski Childs
Scenic Design by Tom Bliese
Lighting Design by Jenny Ohlen
Costume Design by Amanda Ytzen

These sweet women couldn't be killers, could they? Martha Brewster (Claire Lloyd, left) and Abby Brewster (Mallory Martin).

Officer Klein (Zachary Grau, left) and Officer Brophy (Shane Solomon, right) share some happy banter with the Rev. Dr. Harper (Patrick Menning) in the Brewster's parlor.

Dr. Einstein (Toby Adam Miller) holds back Jonathan Brewster (Jeff Smith) who wants a piece of his brother, Teddy (Jonathan Cochran). Abby Brewster (Mallory Martin) doesn't know what to do.

Elaine Harper (Katharine Moeller) points to Mortimer's Great Uncle Brewster (scenic designer Tom Bliese in the frame) as she talks to him about life and love. Mortimer is Matthew C. Atwood.

Officer O'Hara (Tharen Callanan) doesn't let the fact that Mortimer is tied up keep him from telling the story he's writing.

Jonathan Brewster (Jeff Smith, left) and Dr. Einstein (Toby Adam Miller) threaten to kill Mortimer (Matthew C. Atwood).

Lt. Rooney (Andrew Rotchadl) discusses with the Brewsters and Dr. Witherspoon (Isaac Loomer) what is to be done with Teddy.

The family discusses their secrets in the Brewster parlor.

All photographs by Mike Lagerquist