Assassins from Milwaukee Rep

Jan. 29-Feb. 8, 2015
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles

Scene Design by Kathryn Kanne

Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Jamie-Brooke Ruggio

Sound Design by Anna Alex and Luke Walchuk

The Assassins take aim (left to right): Giuseppe Zangara (Brandon Lund), John Hinckley (TS McCormick),
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme (Leigh Jacobson), Leon Czolgosz (Adam Yankowy), John Wilkes Booth (Matthew Stairs),
Lee Harvey Oswald (Jordan Oxborough), Sarah Jane Moore (Erin Horst), Samuel Byck (Gabriel Sell),
and Charles Guiteau (James Ehlenz). By Paul J. Hustoles

Samuel Byck (Gabriel Sell) prepares his tapes for Richard Nixon. By Mike Lagerquist

Proprietor (Jeff Libby) protects the ears of Billy (Isaiah Miller).
By Paul J. Hustoles

"Squeaky" Fromme (Leigh Jacobson) and Sarah Jane Moore (Erin Horst) compare stories
about "Charlie." By Mike Lagerquist

The Balladeer (Jordan Oxborough) burns. By Paul J. Hustoles

David Herold (Steven Labine) and John Wilkes Booth
(Matthew Stairs) as The Balladeer (Jordan Oxborough).
By Mike Lagerquist

Top row (left to right): Carolyn Bartel Strauss, Daniel PaulJohn Lane,
Jake Jessup and Steven Labine; bottom row: Cassandra Johnson and
Michaela Shapiro. By Paul J. Hustoles

John Hinckley (TS McCormick) and "Squeaky" Fromme (Leigh Jacobson). By Mike Lagerquist

Emma Goldman speaks (Carolyn Bartell Strauss). By Paul J. Hustoles

John Wilkes Booth (Matthew Stairs, far left) tries to reason with Lee Harvey Oswald (Jordan Oxborough)
as he looks to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. By Mike Lagerquist