Bus Stop
Nov. 8-11 & 15-18 , 2007
Directed by Paul Hustoles
Scenic Design by Doug Bennett
Lighting Design by Grant Merges
Costume Design by Britt Katuin

The bus driver, Carl (Shane Solomon) describes the road conditions to Grace Hoyland (Claire Lloyd) and Will Masters (Andrew D. Umphrey).

Dr. Gerald Lyman (John W. Olive) introduces himself to Cherie (Mollie Fischer) upon their arrival at Grace's Diner.

Bo Decker (Mathias Becker, left) and Virgil Blessing (Joel Partyka, center) come in from the snow and cold and immediately catch the attention of Sheriff Will Masters (Andrew D. Umphrey).

Cherie (Mollie Fischer) pulls out a dress and performs for the group at the diner.

In the end, Cherie recognizes Bo's positive characteristics and decides to accompany him to his Montana ranch after all.

Current photos from Bus Stop by Paul J. Hustoles and Mike Lagerquist.

Director Paul J. Hustoles talks about the upcoming production of Bus Stop:

Tell us a little bit about the story of Bus Stop.

Has Minnesota State ever presented Bus Stop before? If so, how have things changed to affect the show?

How does this old a story have relevance to today?

How do your student designers prepare to accurately reflect this time?

Tell us about the characters who get off this bus.

Who are the actors playing these roles?

From the 1960 production of Bus Stop staged by
Mankato State College, directed by Ted Paul.