A Coupla White Chicks
Sitting Around Talking

March 30-April 2, 2011
Directed by Michael James

Scene Design by Naoko Ishizuka
Costume Design by Angela Sahli
Lighting Design by Thomas Fagerholm

Sound Design by Curtis Fliegel

White Chicks photos
Hannah Mae Bindler (Libby Slater) clandestinely inserts
herself into the world of her neighbor, Maude Mix.

White Chicks photos
Sneaking past the window, she catches Maude (Megan Volkman-Wilson)
in an unusually uninhibited moment.

White Chicks photos
Hannah Mae is exuberant about everything; Maude prefers to
schedule most everything in her life.

White Chicks photos
Hannah Mae celebrates 24 hours of their knowing each other.

White Chicks photos
Although Maude suspects the real cause of her sudden
injuries, Hannah Mae creates an elaborate story to explain them.

White Chicks photos
After a knock-down, drag-out fight that causes the loss of Hannah Mae's wig,
the ladies gain a new understanding and appreciation of each other.

White Chicks photos
In one last, giant release, Maude creates havoc in her otherwise
orderly kitchen/world, ending with a burst of flour.

This two-character comedy takes place in suburban Westchester County, N.Y., kitchen
of Maude Mix, who is having a tough day: her husband is off on a weekend spree with his
secretary and she can't get rid of the pesky neighbor who has just moved up from Texas.
Hannah Mae Bindler badgers Maude into friendship and the two eventually join forces
against their errant and erring husbands.

This long-running Off-Broadway hit opened in 1981 and starred Susan Sarandon
and Eileen Brennan. Individual tickets for A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking
are $9.00 regular, $8.00 for senior citizens, youth 16 and under and groups of 15 or more,
$7.00 for current Minnesota State students.

Photos by Mike Lagerquist