42nd Street
April 8-11 & 15-18, 2010
Directed by Paul Finocchiaro
Additional Choreography by Nikki Swoboda
Musical Direction by Nick Wayne
Scenic Design by John W. Olive
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Star Dorothy Brock (Deanne McDonald, center) steals all the focus.

She does, that is, until an injury puts Peggy Sawyer
(Kim Steffen) in the starring role.

The girls on the train.

Peggy Sawyer (Kim Steffen) dances with Billy Lawlor (Craig Daniel Stastny).
With them are (left to right): Larissa Schmitz, Blaine Kalani, Laura Otremba,
McKenzie Jones, Emily Jansen, RaeAnne Carlson, Mackenzie Hundley,
Katherine Rapacz and Aaron Alan.

At the center of these changes is director Julian Marsh (Jerry Jay Cranford),
here with (left to right): Andy Lee (Rudolph Searles III), Bert Barry (Stephen Mark Crisp),
the Doctor (Aaron Alan) and Maggie Jones (Megan Volkman-Wilson).

Billy Lawlor (Rudolph Searles III), with some of the guys (left to right):
Jason Garton, Blaine Kalani, Adam Moen, Jameson Pieper,
Austin England and Aaron Alan.

Dorothy Brock (Deanne McDonald, center) with some of the girls
(left to right): Larissa Schmitz, Lauren Mikeal Parsons, McKenzie Jones,
Laura Otremba, Emily Jansen, Katherine Rapacz, RaeAnne Carlson,
Natalie Schleusner and MacKenzie Hundley.

The “Sexy Ladies from the Eighties” ( Mackenzie Hundley, Larissa Schmitz
and Laura Otremba) he “Little Nifties from the Fifties” (Emily Jansen,
Sarah Polis-Mares and Katherine Rapacz), and “The Soldiers” (Rudolph Searles III
and Craig Stastny) fighting for the heart of “Miss Peggy Sawyer” Kimberly Steffen.
Just another day on 42nd Street.

All photos by Mike Lagerquist