God of Carnage
June 26-30, 2012
Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scene Design by Naoko Ishizuka
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Costume Design by Catherine Schmeal-Swope

God of Carnage
Alan Raleigh (Dustin Guy Jackson) is irritating everyone, including his wife Annette (Emily Jansen)
by constanting stepping out of the conversation at hand to talk to work on his cell phone.

God of Carnage 2
Annette Raleigh (Emily Jansen) is made nauseous by the conflict caused
trying to remain civil as her husband Alan (Dustin Guy Jackson) tries to
give comfort, while the Novaks, Veronica (Megan Volkman-Wilson) and Michael
(Rusty Ruth) fear for their furnishings.

God of Carnage 3
After Annette gets sick, Veronica Novak (Megan Volkman-Wilson) and
Michael Novak (Rusty Ruth) must clean up an antique book.

God of Carnage 4
Their disagreements cause friction between Michael Novak (Rusty Ruth)
and Alan Raleigh (Dustin Guy Jackson).

God of Carnage 5
And causes frustrations for Veronica Novak (Megan Volkman-Wilson).

God of Carnage 8
She also takes it out on her husband (Rusty Ruth).

God of Carnage 6
Annette (Emily Jansen) destroys the tulips while husband
Alan (Dustin Guy Jackson) looks on in horror.

God of Carnage 7
Ultimately, it becomes too much to handle.

God of Carnage 9
Everyone is left dazed and exhausted.


Photos by Mike Lagerquist